Arrowcopter for Chris?


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Looking through the latest Austrian register updates from July 2014 I see

OE-XKM Arrowcopter AC20 - construction number 004

Owner would appear to our forum colleague Chris K - congrats.

004 fits neatly between

003 - HB-YSS - Switzerland
005 - OE-XAB - Austria

Photos please - cheers


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Hi Steve, you're worse than the NSA ;)

Yes, We changed the registration of the former production test gyro from OE-VXE to OE-XKM. This was a pretty laborious process. My gyro now has two binders comprising the so called L-documents, where L stands for lifetime. Everything you can imagine and then some is documented there. If you want to change something on the gyro this adds to the L-docs. And the authorities have an exact copy. So everything needs to get sent to ghem, too, and be endorsed by them.

Anyway, I am now legal to fly a "real" ArrowCopter and not a test machine. Since she got the new registation, she flies noticably better :)

Greetings, -- Chris.


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Chris - that's great news- paperwork sounds like a pain in the behind but worth the effort.

If you're able to post a photo of "XKM(2)" I'd be interested to see it - thank you.

Did you know that OE-XKM(1) was a rather rare Kaman K-Max - later sold on to Germany and then Switzerland.

Enjoy your Arrowcopter.


Rick E

Hi Steve,
Just as a matter of interest do you know if there are more than one Arrowcopters in Australia?


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Hi Rick,

I am only aware of one G-1010.

Chris might know more.

No Aus gyro register data is published in the public domain. ASRA may know more.

If you hear of more than 1 I'd be interested toknow - thanks.