Arrowcopter - demo in Spain


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Hi Steve,

this is my gyro, alas, it isn't me flying it. It was only in the air for about 30 minutes and otherwise being used for photos.

The occasion was the market launch of a new Spanish perfume!! The marketing agency latched onto the topic of old-new and used one of the old Cierva gyros (don't know which one) as the old land the ArrowCopter as the new. Their perfume is, by extrapolation, as innovative as the ArrowCopter...

Anyway, the product launches in September and the ArrowCopter is scheduled to be there as well.

I'll keep you posted, -- Chris.


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The wonders of advertising, but good to have your product used to suggest modern, innovative, desirable, stylish, exclusive and special - all good for Arrowcopter.

Just hope the perfume isn't called WD40 or similiar !


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Nothing wrong with the smell of WD40, or for that matter Castrol R40. Now that on a hot sunny day with appropriate engine noise was the smell of adrenaline heaven.

Chris I certainly hope you got some samples for Katherina.


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Resasi said:
Chris I certainly hope you got some samples for Katherina
I brought an empty fuel canister and asked to "fill 'er up" with the new perfume. The 20 liters ought to last for a while. Oddly, they wouldn't do it. I'll try again in September. If all else fails, I still have the WD40 fall back option. Just need to put it into a nice flacon.

Greetings, -- Chris.


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What were you doing, adding it to Mr Bond’s tanks, or asking the Mrs to take a bath in it?

Funnily enough that is exactly what people are doing with the Castrol R. They add it to their fuel in a small quantity simply to get the smell.

Right about the bottle though. My wife wanted her perfumes to be new and in an interesting bottle, smell was optional as all she did was collect the stuff.