April 2021 - Mentone Aero Club


Nov 4, 2019
Fort Wayne, IN
Hello from the Mentone Aero Club, PRA Chapter 81!
We meet every 2nd Saturday at 11AM at Mentone Airport C92, in Mentone, Indiana. People usually start showing up around 10.

It was a long and cold winter, but it's finally time to come out of hibernation. We had a small update in February, then our first official meeting of the year on April 10th. Everyone was recovering from their covid shots, but doing well otherwise. Come join us for our next meeting on May 08th. We're aiming to do a hang test after the meeting, so if you've never seen one done before then come on over

Also, check out all our new stuff for sale in the April issue. As always, the proceeds will go to helping us build a new hangar to expand the museum


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