anyone who has ever tried coaxial single seat helicopters?


Hi guys, have any of you who have ever got this gen-h4 helicopter? It is said to be the smallest helicopter in the world, for a long time i have been dreaming about building or buying one helicopter like that. If you guys who ever got a coaxial single seat helicopter can you share something with me that would be truly wonderful. By the way, i am still looking for these small coaxial helicopters, if you know anyone or any company is selling the kit or product can you let me know? a million thanks! my email is [email protected]

thanks guys!




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There is not collective pitch control so autorotation is not possible. I would not fly one of these beyond just hovering low and very low forward speed. I have flown two versions of the Ultralight Mosquito and found them remarkably easy to fly.
To prevent any misunderstanding let me clarify, please:
  • The GEN H-4, having a fixed-pitch-rotor, lack the ability to autorotate.
  • Most other coaxial helicopter designs rather use articulated rotor systems. With these, autorotation is definitely possible.
As a matter of fact, sufficient autorotation capabilities are an important safety feature and therefore – to get airworthiness certification for a helicopter design – it is mandatory to successfully demonstrate autorotation under different conditions as part of the certification process.

If you are interested in affordable coaxial helicopters please have a look at the RotorSchmiede VA115 ultralight.
  • We are expecting the German Ultralight Helicopter Type Certification of the VA115 ultralight within the next few weeks.
  • We will inform all potential customers about this important milestone and will then except reservations for production slots.
  • RotorSchmiede is currently building three pre-series VA115 ultralight in serial configuration. These helicopters will be sold to selected customers for field testing, to identify and address any teething problems before starting serial production.
  • After finishing the field tests, RotorSchmiede will publish VA115 ultralight serial configuration and performance data, and will except orders and deposits.
  • The VA115 ultralight will be sold with a German Ultralight Helicopter Type Certificate at 80.000 EUR, w/o tax and delivery.

For more information please have a look at our website and sign up to receive our newsletter.


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Hello Lee;
Just remember in the USA, Part 103 is Ultralight. Any Part 103/Ultralight machine IS NOT recognized by the FAA as an AIRCRAFT, they are simply defined as an Aeronautical Vehicle. There are some very basic limits applied to them, but none regarding safety, and none regulating in flight safety. Because they are not Aircraft, there are no provisions for an Air Worthiness Certificate, condition inspections, no Pilot requirements, no training required. Just build it and fly it.
I too have been fascinated with coaxial flight, but I would require any rotorcraft to be able to be auto-rotate capable before I got out of ground effect. It is not a matter of IF it will happen; but rather a reality of WHEN it will happen.
I am an ole Mac driver, and I have had 9 real world engine out emergencies with Mac's & Subaru and Hirth, All in gyro's.
That engine might get you up; but it is that rotor system which will bring up back down!!!


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GEN-4 was in development since 1999 and no one unit was delivered yet which automatically tells that it is still not the proven thing to buy. This is enough to not consider it for purchasing unless one wants to be a test pilot for his money. It doesn't autorotate and has no other means to survive in case of engine fail. This itself is another one reason not to buy it. The project changes some owners and now again: "As of September 30, 2016, GEN corporation suspended development, sales and other activities related to coaxial counter-rotating helicopter GEN H-4. Since the development project has been handed over to GOKO Logistics Co., Ltd., please contact them for further inquiries regarding with GEN H-4. (". New owner doesn't even mention it on their website.

There is a promising project developed currently in Russia though it is still far from entering a market:

VA115 is still in the testing phase.

All in all - there is no coax single seater in the market to the moment.


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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Coax and Synchro-Mesh Rotor machines. They are the best configuration for rotorcraft. BUT, the single-rotor design has been refined to the point that
they are the most practical type.

There have been a few coax single seat ones that have flown well and have collective pitch and autorotation capability. I don't have first-hand experience with them but I suspect
they are very promising.