Anyone own a 285 or XET?


Any XET owners out there or XE owners that can find out the information I need...

Looking to find out which N1 gauge you/they are using for T2A1 Turbine?




Sorry about getting back to you so late. Sounds like you are having a blast. I haven't broke through 60 yet. Still working on my fear of heights. I am more comfortable in a hang glider that a 172 or a light heli.

I am the X-Ray guy. Trenton fly-in's 2009, 2012, and going to the upcoming 2017 this April. Going to be a great time!



Would like to ask you guys is there any counter rotating single or double helicopter kits out there? I've done a few searches and Realy can't find anything. Thanks for your time. Sincerely SWilliams
baronpilot;n47636 said:
Would like to hear your thoughts on both. I had a Helicycle. Love the way it flew other than when it tried to kill me by going into a horrible pylon whirl in the main rotor system.

The Helicycle would cruise nicely at 90 MPH. A little thirsty at 14 GPH.

The 285 appears to be an Artic Cat 800 HO engine. Have they figured out how to keep proper lubrication of the engine with low MP and high RPM? I assume the EFI / computer handles the oil injection with RPM as a variable?

Also interested in the EXT. I must admit I really liked the Helicycle engine. It was the best part of the helicopter.

Would loved to hear PIREPS.
What happened that it almost killed you? Is that why you sold it? I am thinking of a helicycle...did you get out what you had into it?