Any of ya'll down in Eugene/Springtucky?


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I'm down in Springfield and I was just wondering if anyone was from around here. I can't fly (yet) don't have a Gyro (yet) but I can at least hang out/ BS/ help with anything. The 2-hour or so drive up to Portland is a bit far when I can;y even "get high" yet, though when my Bird is together and I have my License, I'll Bee (haha! "bee" joke!) headed up there for training. (Unless I get a Domi instead).

Yeah, stupid pun but I've been studying so hard for my CCNA that my eyes want to bleed.


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Good luck with your CCNA that was one of the hardest exams I have ever taken.

Nice to have some more IT folks in the hobby!


Pawn in the game of life.
He he, the geekery helps pay for the flying! I was worried that someone though I fat-fingered a pilot cert. But it is nice to know that there are a few of us nerds flying around!

Jon F

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Come on Up


You are welcome to come to our monthly meetings, almost always in Scappoose, on the second Saturday of the month. See our web site for specifics each month,

I would like to see your Bee since I have airframe parts but have not started construction yet. I have a Vancraft Rotor Lightning but do not have a sign-off to solo yet.

Hope to see you soon!

Jonathan Fant
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Pawn in the game of life.
Ah, sorry Jon, no Bee yet. I think I'll go with a Dominator anyway because (I think) they look sexier and have better rough-field landing abilities right out of the box. But we'll see, I have a few years to think about it.

I do plan on showing up for a few meetings while I'm back in the 'States though, just to annoy you "real" pilots with all my ground-based weirdness.

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What a small world.

I grew up in Springfield (teenage years).
My parents just moved to La Center.
The chapter 73 meetings are held at my workplace.