Another open tandem coming


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Everybody loves this basic design and DTA are the latest to enter this very fierce market sector - they've opted for a "T" tail.

Long list of similar products,

AG MTOsport
Magni M16, M22
ELA 08
ELA 09 Junior
Apollo AG-1
Silverlight AR-1
Tango 2 gyro
Leon gyro ( what happened )
Gyro Tech

plus others I've no doubt forgotten

In theory for launch in 2017.



AR-1 gyro manufacturer
I am surprised DTA would do another gyro that is tandem. Anyway, they are quite expensive and will not do any kind of a kit


AR-1 gyro manufacturer
Yes absolutely. $39250 for an AR-1 kit without engine, exhaust, ring mount, and prop. This is painted with wiring harness and instrument panel all setup for Rotax 912 ULS with day VFR instruments. Radio, transponder, lights etc. are options.
Crating another $800.00
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