Aluminum Ordered for Hornet Build


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The bearing block hole needs to be more accurate than you are likely to get from a fly cutter Curtis. You should use a boring head or turn it on a lathe with a 4 jaw chuck. You also could turn it from round stock and, if you want to, square it up afterwards. You might need to flip the jaws on your small lathe.

While drill presses are not milling machines, or lathes, I would think that there would be a tool that I could fit into a chuck that I could use to do the job. I can see using successively larger bits, but there comes a time when that becomes untenable and very sloppy. The next thing that comes to mind is a hole saw. 62 MM or a 2 7/16" which works out to .0034 smaller than the 2.4404" specified.....great for a tight fit...if there is no extra "play" at the teeth.

I have been looking at boring heads, but they are for lathes. I am still looking, but so far find nothing "fine" enough to work on a drill press....that is why the fly cutter suggestion. Otherwise I am looking at an investment in a 4 jaw independent chuck for my HF 7x10 lathe. It has a three inch head, and to put a 4 inch would work, a 5 inch too. The part is 3.75" long....I could do it with the 4".

This is just a minor thing..There is always just that one more tool one has to have....LOL ... I could use the 4 jaw chuck to good purposes.

Curtis Scholl