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They were called that by Don Farrington until his death. I got tired of seeing the same thread for 5 years. :)


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Thanks Tom.....freshen up the view a bit ! I am anxious to order up my new lightweight PR flexshaft from you.....

How about some good pics of the 18A here ? Anyone ?

I think Don was killed the year I went to SnF.......2000 ? Anyone remember the details ?


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I know Don liked that term, but I have to admit that we have never used it to refer to ours.


I thought that at the time he took a flight after his evening meal and the crash caused the contents of his stomach and the acid was aspirated into his lungs complicating things that resulted in his death. Maybe the heart attack caused the crash initially and guys were talking about how much it was going to cost Don to repair the damage like it was not that bad of a crash.