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Aug 11, 2009
Isle of lewis Scotland UK
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Hi All,

Did anyone see the reprt for the air comand form the Glasgow university as to weather this was going to be permitted in the UK..below is a report i last saw on the air comand..what happened with the UK peritt??

As a result of this the British Rotorcraft Association, in support of UK Air Command owners & pilots, undertook to investigate the ways forward. This resulted in the Engineering Officer taking responsibility for reaching an engineered solution which would meet the aspirations of the CAA, the PFA, the Glasgow report, owners, and Air Command. At the time of this update a UK upgrade kit is about to enter flight-testing, and may offer the solution required. The new UK dealer is Gerry Speich, contactable via [email protected], or contact the Air Command website. The kit brings the thrust line and aircraft drag lines generally in line with the CG, now considered to be the optimum condition for flight stability. All new Air Command gyros since 2000 are sold in this configuration, with excellent customer feedback.