Air And Space 18A Stuff


Mar 13, 2021
Perry OK
Hello, new guy here. Thank you for allowing me to join your forum. The reason I'm here is my friend has reached the end of his flying days and is cleaning out the hanger and dispensing with decades of acquired aviation pieces and parts. Among these are a stash of Air and Space 18A Gyrocopter parts including a semi complete factory built fuselage as well as a pile of miscellaneous parts including several NOS main rotor gearboxes. This is part of a large purchase made when the factory sold out. We want to make sure that these items find their way into proper hands and not wind up in the salvage yard. We've posted an ad on Barnstormers with lots of pictures. My goal here is to get the word out that these parts exist to those who may be in need of them. While I've spent years in the helicopter community my knowledge of gyrocopters is limited and my hope is through this forum we can spread the word so these items can live on. If anyone would like to see the inventory it is located at Westport Airport West of Tulsa OK and I can arrange a viewing. You may view the photos on Barnstormers or I can send them via e-mail. Thank you. D Henry