Affordable helicopter?

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Can't decide which is uglier, the T22 or the R22 (which I like to fly).

NOTE: to be fair my Hughes is it's own king of ugly it's cute.
Rotorway is very affordable *(now do not quit reading) *
Here is HOW- buy a halve done kit or a roll over.
Now the KEY part, - dont get sucked into the PROVEN way things DONT work! They will POUND in your head toKeep doing them wrong song!
Dont get sucked into their secondary shaft system.! Talk to jon over on (Its a new forum mostly for R.W) (and others)

He uses the cheap smaller shaft with a bearing on the end like it SHOULD have been! (not a cantilevered affair)
The bigger shaft from R.W. to stop breakage is 3MM bigger and still cantilevered! and $4000.00 !!
Next as per Jon use a Suby engine.
Next but new blades from dude (dave in Fl ) 2000 bucks. Just like R.W.
Also use a suck thrugh fan system on the radiator rather then a blow through (which in engineering terms is plain too stupid)