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Oct 17, 2014
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I was doing some misc. gyro research today and came across the YouTube video of this crashsite:

On the ramp, the passenger had asked somebody (presumably the pilot) the brand of gyro, which was misreported to him as "a Zeon".

From the video and GoogleMaps, it was quick work to locate the crash site.
The dirt road (and its corner) and rock pile were the biggest clues.
Flying North, they impacted just a few hundred feet from Runway 33.
The red oval represents the crashsite, while the black oval represents the grass fire started by the broken power line.

The post-crash placed windsock seen at 0:55 corresponds roughly to the NTSB Report of wind being from 290° at 4kts.
This helped me to first identify the likely road.

They took off from Runway 15, which may have had a slight quartering tailwind.
Runway 15 is left pattern, and over many buildings.

However, Runway 33 would have apparently been into the wind, while also offering plenty of pasture below for left pattern work.

Something to keep in mind if the wind allows runway choice.


20170417 Knoxville Xenon crash-5b.png.jpg
20170417 Knoxville Xenon crash-3b.png
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