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Aug 1, 2005
Reno, Nevada
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I am seriously considering purchasing a 447 next year and I would like to solicit some opinions regarding that model's performance, specifically: Would this model perform adequately where I live (Northern Nevada)? The altitude of where I would be flying is approximately 3,900 feet to 4,000 feet ASL.

I would appreciate any honest and educated opinions. Thank you.
how much do you weigh?
I fly my AC 447 (CLT) from a 2000' airport up to 6000' regularly and it does a great job (for a 447). The surrounding mountains go up to about 5500' and I fly around the tops of them a lot.... I weigh 180lbs. here's some of my flying at 3000-3500': https://www.rotor-head.com/movies/flying/8-6-05_obsiclecourse.html (shot on August 6, 2005)
Additional info...

Additional info...

I forgot to mention that I am 6'4" tall and weigh around 205 pounds....

Thank you for your input.
Hal, forget it. You need AT LEAST the 503 Rotax and even then you will be left wanting more performance. Best bet is the 582 powered version.
Thanks again...

Thanks again...

Thanks again to all for your input. I was worried the ultralight version would be underpowered for me and where I live.

I plan to start taking lessons in the spring down in Arizona from a place that is an Air Command dealer. When it comes time to buy mine, maybe I'll have to accept the reality of getting a sport pilot license, give up on the whole ultralight goal, and get a 582.

I'll cross that bridge when I'm there. The lessons must come first.
Check the dates -- this thread is from 2005, and not updated since then. I don't recall seeing some of the participants around the forum in recent years.