A new tractor design


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Oct 29, 2003
Abbeville, Louisiana
Bensen B8MG
Others have chimed in on this subject, but I don't think you're taking their advice to heart.
Your lack of experience is leading you to solve problems that don't exist, create problems where there should be none, and over-estimate the performance of a two place gyroplane.

Do you have any flight experience at all? Fixed wing?

Based on your previously posted requirements of a 100 ft takeoff roll with 2 people you might be better served by a fixed-wing like a Zenith 701. It'll meet your requirements and you can probably find a used one for a reasonable price.

You can get a Sport-pilot or Private Pilot license as cheap or cheaper than a gyro only rating, and be able to rent an aircraft to take friends a family for rides. Later you can get an add-on rating for a gyroplane if you decide to build or buy one.