A friend passed today


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This afternoon we lost a Chapter brother, Mark Carmouche.
He is known on the forum as Friendly.
I was told he had a heart attack doing what he loved, building a gyroplane.
He was a friend to us all and will be missed.
Please keep his family in your prayers.


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Oh NO Not Friendly!!! He was a good guy!
My condolences to his family!

Dang this sucks big time!!!!


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Our prayers go out to his family and friends.
Mark was helping me so much with the Southwest Rotorcraft newsletter and was going to help with my KB3 build. This hits close to home.

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This is terrible news about Mark as we have became great friends over the last year. He was helping me with an air command build and we had talked about starting on the head next weekend. He was actually taking his second gearbox adapter for the weber off of his milling machine when the attack started.

Awesome guy!!!


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That is some very sad news.

That is some very sad news.

I like Mark a lot.

He will be missed.

Thank you, Vance


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Dang it….I really liked Mark. I found him to be both a friendly and honest man. I feel for his family….


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Oh my God! I cannot believe it. mark will be missed, I enjoyed meeting him and talking to him at Bensen Days, we have talked on the phone and exchanged Emails... This is very sad news. My sincerest condolences to the family..


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I got the news yesterday afternoon, I was shocked also. I had just visited with him not long ago. Always liked Mark, He will be Missed.
My condolences to his family.


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As I am looking at the forum today, I am reminded how short life is and just how friendly “Friendly” was. About a month ago when Mark was showing his Weber adapter, i asked him about building one for me. In many way's I hope the one coming off the machine was not meant for me.

From the many responses so far on this thread I can see that Mark was a helping caring person that had no boundaries. Despite his many activities, he was always thinking of his mother.

I help take care of my mother. She lives in a near by town and I don't have access to my email from her house. She depends on me a lot even when she has other people scheduled to be there.
May the after life find him well!


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The sport has lost not only a competent machinist and all-around "friendly" participant, but someone who went out of his ways to help others with his talents. Mark will certainly be missed.