!/8" ID fuel line valve


Do any of you guys know if there is an inline shut off valve available that will fit the 1/8" ID primer line?
Assuming you're using a plastic hose for the primer line, you might find a nylon inline valve in the aviation aisle of your local True Value (or other) hardware store. It's what I used for the same purpose on an ultralight. G'luck!


Brent, thanks for the reply. I don't believe there is an aviation aisle in any of our hardware stores but I will look. You would think that a valve like this would be readily available but I have not been able to find one
That is mighty small.
Even Aquarium air hose fittings are 3/16".

You can easily find 1/8" Pipe Valves in brass and add 1/8" OD Brass Barb fittings to each end.

What primer pump do you have?
Do you understand that they need to be placed in the "Locked" position after use?
When Locked they have their own built-in shut-Off Valves.

Primer lines do not normally need shutoff valves.
If the Primer pump is leaking, fix the pump!
Solve the problem instead of masking the symptom.


The primer pump is one that typically comes from Aircraft Spruce or one of the other aviation product companies.
What is the 'locked position"? Mounted vertically, mine is up to pump and down at end of pump stroke. The reason that I want to put a shutoff valve in it is that in the event of the internal check valve failing, the carburetors can suck fuel through it and choke resulting in engine failure. I am under the impression the the primer pump is a low quality item and can fail. I just wanted to be proactive and prevent a possible problem.