7 hours of free FAA approved private pilot ground school


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Apr 15, 2010
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I joined the Pilot Institute to gather more information on flying my drone legally, part of the free membership is an opportunity to review a few hours of FAA approves fixed wing private pilot ground school. It is a teaser to enroll in the 35 hour course, but the first 7 hours are free. If you are interested look up the Pilot Institute for drones and join. There is a lot of interesting information for gyro pilots. The free program is powered by www.teachable.com.
Hello James,

Are you studying for your sUAS certificate? Do you possess any type of Category and Class rating and within the 24 month time limit for a flight review? If so, all you need is to take the following online course and exam from the FAA to "add on" a sUAS certificate. No need to attend a sUAS ground school.


I hold a Sport Pilot Gyro certificate and I like to review material that I may have forgotten, this post was intended for student pilots or certified pilots looking for some free online lectures just to review. This is a ground school intended for fixed wing pilots, but I find a lot of material applies to all aircraft types. Keep in mind the the first 7 hours are a tease to enroll in the complete ground school at a cost.
I also, recommend the FAAST webinars, every week there is a new topic to watch.
I'm with you on the review. I had taken their drone course a while back to get my license. I have a PPL, but wanted the review.
The nice thing about their ground schools compared to others online, it that it's lifetime access for one fee.

A few months ago, I purchased their PPL course as well at a time when it was a buy-one, get-one deal and split the cost. $100 for lifetime access seems like a good price point to me when others are charging that per month on a subscription basis...