4 Quarter - 10-19-2013 - PRA 38 - chapter meeting


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Dec 15, 2008
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Colorado Rotorcraft Association PRA Chapter 38
Meeting Report Saturday October 19th 2013

Saturday Oct 19th was a beautiful fall day in the Rockies. Seven members attended our fourth quarter chapter meeting . All 7 attending own rotorcraft and are pilots. Attending were, Mark Shook (2 place Xenon), Frank Nelson (2 place Barnett), Rob Dubin (2place Xenon), Lindsay Fischer (2 place Honeybee G2), Thomas Fernandez (Gyrobee), Joe Taft (Hollmann Sportster), Todd Rieck (Yamaha -Air Command).

The meeting was called to order at 10:05am. After introductions, Lindsay Fischer gave us an update on the ordeal he went through getting his Honeybee G2 from Michigan to Colorado.

Rob Dubin shared an informative and interesting story of his flight in a gyro to all 48 continental states, and his time as the original importer and distributor of the Xenon gyro to the US. Rob also shared the inside story on the roll out of LSA, and how gyros got into the catch22 situation we find ourselves in with the LSA rules.

Rob recounts that LSA was originally intended to include gyrocopters as E-LSA aircraft, and excluded only S-LSA rotorcraft in the beginning. But a disconnected conflicting paragraph requiring that all aircraft first must have at least one S-LSA aircraft accepted before E-LSA units could be sold had the unintended consequence of prohibiting the intended E-LSA status to gyrocopters. Rob also offered a solution in the form of a narrowly focused manufactures lawsuit challenging the contradictory regulation.

Todd Rieck shared his story of developing the powerful and reliable 3 cylinder Yamaha snowmobile engine for aircraft use. Todd told us how the engine re-drive mounts were fabricated when no bolt holes were available on the engine to mount it. Todd explained the differences in the Yamaha engines and why the 4 cylinder models have such poor performance in an aircraft configuration compared to the 3 cylinder model. His research revealed that the 4 cylinders were developed to mimic a 2 cycle snowmobile with a narrow power band. Great for snowmobilers, but not for an aircraft. The 3 cylinder model puts out about one horsepower per pound, with consistent torque over the entire RPM range.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:15pm for refreshments and flying. After the meeting, Joe Taft took his first ride in a Xenon 2 place.

Mark Shook / President -PRA38 (from notes taken by Secretary Todd Rieck.)