$20 Raffle Ticket Pays Off!


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At a local Corvette show, they were raffling off a special edition 01 vette with only 16,000 miles on it. Well ,I didn't have $20 but Lucky Shar did!

Now she want's to drive IT to BD's! What do you think?



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Congrats! Ya'll deserve it, only problem is you can't sleep in it like the old truckster.

Does it have a trailer hitch? :D

Brian Jackson

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You didn't specify in your post whether you actually won it or not. :D

Assuming you did... WHOA BUD!!! Hell yeah drive it down! Actually, Shar should drive it down being her's and all

You lucky dog! Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! (actually that was a question :D )
Chris and Shar....way to go. Chris...you always have a smile on your face...so I am not expecting any change. :)

Congratulations for you guys. I am happy for you.



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Very Cool! Congratulations, I hope Shar lets you ride in it! :) Get the hitch installed and we'll see you at Bensen Days.


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Alright , enough of this BS !

Alright , enough of this BS !

Sorry, we did not win that Vette, My older brother just bought it.

I like it ,but I don't know if I would trade my 72 for it.....well maybe. All I need to do is stop flying ,quit riding, & get down to that interior resto.

I got to put a new tire on the front of that old Harley , but not until that wheel is polished to perfection...... or somewhat close.

My younger brother just got an 81 vette just like his first one, except near mint condition, low miles.

We are all loaded & tied down. We leave for Bensen Days at 6 AM tommorrow! See ya there or back here !!!!! YAHOO !!!!!!!