2 states meet


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I have some more pictures but I have to downsize them. I will try to get them loaded tomorrow. That was a great fly in. Those Arkansas fellows dont leave any gas in the tank. They really flew a lot. I hope I can make Peti Jean.
Many thanks to all the guys of the Louisiana Chapter 20 group for the gathering at Bastrop this past weekend. All of us from Arkansas had a great time, the flying was good and the fellowship great. Special thanks to Rudy for all his work providing the food for lunch Saturday and Sunday. You're a good bunch of guys to be around, we look forward to flying together again. Hopefully, some of you can come to Petit Jean mountain on Oct 10th.


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That was a blast for sure, I am still trying to get Simoni USA to answer the phone so I can get my radiator. I have some video and pictures I would like to put on DVD. Would you send me an email [email protected] of the names of the ARK pilots with what type of machine they were flying so I can add it to the video?
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I love seeing that many gyroplanes together. I don't know why exactly?

Thanks for sharing the fun with us!!!
Bastrop slides

Bastrop slides

Mark, great pictures! I've been hoping to see someone post some. Walt and I had a great time meeting and flying with you guys. What a great bunch of people! We'll be back next year. We had to fly again after everyone left - it finally cleared to 2K'. Beautiful country, great food, good flying buddies, and wonderful support from the local FBO.


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I am going to put it all on DVD, there are some more pictures to add and I have some video. A couple of people asked me to slow down the slide a little bit to let you look at the pictures a little longer. So I will do that on the final cut. If anyone has some more pictures they want added send them to me in email with a good file size so they will show up well on DVD. I will make copies and Bill will mail them to your chapter. Thank you for making the flyin such a pleasant event. Man, you guys really keep those rotors spinning!!

Gary the picture of you and Mike Morgan returning in the rain is priceless!


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2 States Flyin 2010

2 States Flyin 2010

:whip: Hey you chapter 20 boys, don't you need to update this for 2010 !

New dates Oct 16,17 & 18 - Who's drivin this boat ?



I have acquired the Falcon 1 / Phoenix 2000 that you originally purchased from Jack Gibbs. Do you have any of the build documents still onhand or pictures of your build process? I am working to repair the wheels / cross supports and fix it back up. Any negatives that you could let me know? Did you enjoy flying it?

Jay modified the Tail and Rudder and I am think as is my CFI: Craig McPherson; that the new tail is too heavy - so having the original build documents to fabricate another tail that was original would help. Also do you know what the whole is for in front of the throttle control? and the little button on the throttle housing?