16 new PRA rotorcraft educational kits coming soon including Jump-takeoff. Update!


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Apr 21, 2008
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Good morning my friends. I will not be able to be on our forum as much for a while.

I'm well, only overwhelmed with so many great new GYROPLANE PRA projects at San Deigo State University's mechanical & now electronic engineering students senior CAPA program.

Description of Project for Popular Rotorcraft Association's EDUCATIONAL KITS,

1) Two-speed transmission car stater prerotator. 29' blades to 150RPM.

2) G-Impact Fuel cut off switch. WORKS GREAT.

3) State-of-the-art electric highspeed prerotator. In testing want 29' 220RRPM.

4) Height AGL display instrument. A spinoff, of two projects, have lidar sensors so, might as well display it. This is an option for kit #2 and kit #6.

5) Height AGL display instrument. A spinoff. It now an entirely new kit, Only add the lidar sensor and become stand-alone

6) Anti-Tip-Over stop and drop landing gear

7) Jump-Take-off 1st 3/4.of the project.

8) Fuel-Flow Totalizer instrument.

9) Yamaha 85HP Engine with internally geared redrive (This kit will not be available for one year.)

10) RAF aluminum fuel tank replacements without the new fuel system.

11) RAF the new fuel system.

12) Stronger RAF pre-rotator Bendix housing that you attach the flex shaft. Thicker and curved radius, no cracks.

13) KB2, by itself, have drawing /plans made

KB2, with a Yamaha 85HP engine

KB2, with the anti-tip-over landing gear

KB2, with jump-takeoff

KB2, with all the improvements above

14) CheapSpin = Improve Car starter Prerotator with a two-speed transmission. With drawings.

15) HighTwister = Prerotator = Correct the problems with gears clashing and improve Rotor RPM’s - highspeed state of the art electric pre-rotator

16) InCaseIt = We have at least 4 or 5 projects that require weatherproof and professional-look