I weighed my floats in March as part of my annual and changed them out because they were out of spec, so I've already complied. Not a big deal.
What was the other mandatory service bulletin this year?
Just seen the one on floats, checking mine now.
Oh you must mean the 2019 circlip replacement on the needle. That took a little longer than the float replacement, but it was also a pretty simple fix of something that wasn't actually broken, at least for me (pic attached). Those are about the diameter of a pencil eraser.


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Mine are in ºC and bar also.
I think Celsius makes more sense – to me – at higher temps (numbers approaching and above 100ºC)... it's easy to compare to the boiling point of water.
A bar is about 1 atmosphere... simple. Who has a column of mercury anymore? Anyway, it's easy to remember one bar/atmosphere is around 30 inches of mercury (sea level). I use bars for scuba too.
We actually have a barometer comprising a column of mercury at my home airport. It's an antique. No one ever looks at it.