1 Year Anniversary


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Todd. The gyro comunity have dont have wrods to thank you ,for your time and dedication. This also go to ChuckI/Ron Barnstom etc. The pilots and builder need a place to share ideas and ask question. You have provided this.

I take my hat of in your honor.



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Todd an all the Gang, specially the Best Pilot, Faster Fingers, Gyro Tester and a bunch of other things Ron Awad BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!!


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Definately, Thanks alot Todd! If it wasn't for this forum & it's members, I might have lost interest. Happy 1st Anniversary!!!!!


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Great job, Todd!

When the need arises for Gold Supporters again, don't hesitate to ask. This is one of the cheapest daily fixes a guy can get, and I am more than willing to help keep the ship afloat.
Great job Todd! And thanks for picking up the ball from Norm and running with it. A lottery should have been started to pick the day that the 1000th person registers. I kept thinking it would be close to the first of the year but it looks like it will happen this month. Let me (us!) know when it is 'supporter' time again.


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Todd, we need some of the new T shirts ordered in bulk I think so we can have them availabel at flyins. The forum does create desire to meet the faces behind the personalities. You do an excellent job of keeping the subjects on topic and the language respectable. God Bless you and those who support you. PS We are proud of Mike Gaspard as well. I just spoke to him by phone this morning and he always has something constructive to say or he does not talk at all. He does an excellant job of our chapter web site as well. we are blessed to have him and Chuck.


Hmmmm,looks like I gota be the one to put up the only negative comment. :rolleyes:

Todd,ya %&*#$,did you know this thing is addictive?? :mad:
From the first time I clicked on the %#$&%^ rotory wing forum,I'v never had an early night,never had any time to spare.I'v becum a forum junky. :eek:

And I hold you personaly responsable for every thing I'v learnt bout every aspect of fly'n,build'n and generaly understanding gyros. ;)

And too every body else here,&^%*#$.

Thanx mate,top show. :)

The bad news is,you stop learning when you die,so I gess I'll be here till then. :p