1 Year Anniversary


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Tomorrow is the 1 Year Anniversary of opening the forum. I started it because of the concern that perhaps Norm's forum would be closing down. I put together a forum using some free software and cheap server space and asked Ron Awad to take a look on the October 29th. Well if you know Ron - He's got a pretty big mouth :D and on October 30th he posted on Norm's forum that this one was now up and running as a "backup" to Norm's in case his went under as he had warned it may.

I made the following post 26 days after the forum started:

toddp said:
Since the forum was opened on October 29th, 26 days ago, the members here have really worked to make this thing take off!

We currently have:

220 Members
1117 Posts
136 Topics

At this pace there will be over 15,000 posts after 1 year, and our membership continues to grow every day.
Well the math didn't hold up very well. Currently we're at:

920 Members
35,513 Posts
2,695 Topics

I've made alot of friends this past year and unfortunately lost a couple friends. I have had tremendous support from people through their efforts, kinds words and financial contributions. There are a few people whose efforts must be recognized.

Mike Gaspard - Mike offered his assistance right at the beginning and has been a tremendous asset working as a moderator and administrator. I have no doubt that Mike takes care of far more details than I'll ever know. When I leave town and won't be available for a few days, I never worry when Mike's around.

Phil Ruffin - When we decided to make forum t-shirts Phil e-mailed and offered his assistance immediately. He was great when we were designing the shirt and did a fantastic job printing them. Some of my favorite pictures on the forum are of people flying and socializing. I get a real kick out of it when I see one or two people wearing a forum t-shirt. :)

Ron Awad - How could I forget our number 1 poster. You may not agree with everything he says, but you'll usually read his posts to see what he'll come up with next. Ron has a been a terrific supporter and sounding board this past year. We talk on the phone 2-3 times a month usually a little about the forum, the people, the current discussions and always about flying.

Chuck Irby - People get very sentimental and offer all kinds of tributes when people pass away. I can very honestly say that if Chuck were still alive he would still be listed here. Chuck's support, encouraging e-mails, private messages and never ending offers of help and support this past year will be missed. Chuck was a great guy who didn't mind getting into an occasional online pissing match. I witnessed more than one this past year, but always saw them end with kind words of mutual respect. Chuck had a very strong point of view which he liked to share but more than anything he wanted to be your friend.

Like I said, there are many people who have contributed to this forum and to each and every one I say Thank You!

Remember what I said about my favorite pictures - I like this one :)



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I beleive that what you have done is amazing. It gives me hours of fun and you did it for the fun of it. Thank You Todd, Vance


Dave Bohler
Congratulations Todd - Although I don't post very often, I read most of the posts and learn something new every day. I am a wanna be gyro pilot and, to my good fortune, stumbled across your forum last February - I have enjoyed it every day since. Thanks again, and keep up the good work - It's a fantastic forum and is very well run. I'm sure that what I have learned from this forum will help keep me safe and alive when I do get the $ to become a (CTL w HS) gyro owner.


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Todd, I Love you man! :) hope to get to come see you this winter.... Or hey, maybe you could come here, Yeah! We could take a week off, and fly the Pacer to the Florida Keys.... Yeah!


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Hello Todd,

I concur with Dave Bohler, I am also a wanna be gyro pilot. I thoroughly enjoy the Forum everyday and have learned so very much just taking in all the experienced comments and dabates. I would love to eventually have a Little Wing!! I have been a member of PRA for a few years and enjoy that also.

Thanks to everyone for the joy I find listening to you all.

Hal Glenn
Clinton, Illinois USA


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Thanks for the kind words Todd.
Just trying to pull my load. ;)

But you are 'Da Man' for setting it all up. :)


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Thanks a lot, Todd! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have a "honey-do" list a mile long. Aaaah. This is more fun. Congratulations on an exceptional effort.

Brian Jackson

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Thank you, Todd. This forum has been a continual source of inspiration, information, and just plain fun! I've met a lot of wonderful people here, and find most of the threads stimulating and engaging. It's amazing how much I've learned in the relatively short time I've been a member here, and hope to continue learning and meeting new gyro-folks.

Brian Jackson
Todd: Ditto on everything said. This is a very well run forum...you always responded very quickly for requests for avatar changes..etc.



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I was about to do the same thing when I saw your forum come up one year ago. I was reminded about the anniversary by the notice that my domain name is expiring, unused. Having seen what you've built here, I'm sure glad you beat me to it!

I'm even more glad we got the chance to meet and become friends. We will fly together next year, I promise!

This forum is a powerful, positive demonstration of the potential of the internet. No in-person gathering or magazine allows communications with this kind of immediacy and scope. Congratulations to you, and all 919 of your collaborators!


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Thanks, Todd.

Don't forget it is impossible to count the lives saved from a forum like this.

It is supported by the most knowledgeable people and a lot of us who do our best to help with advice. None of that is possible without "Todds forum", again Todd thanks for the medium.

Aussie Paul. :)


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Both Todd and Ron did a splendid job when starting this thing. The biggest challenge with internet sites in general and forum sites in particular is to reach critical mass, and you made it with bright colors.

My congratulations goes to Paul Plack also, because he understood that it wasn't desirable to divide the membership further with yet another site, as long as Todd's forum was gaining momentum. Very wise, my friend.

Mike, thanks for taking care of all the technical details. I know that to keep a web site running can be very time consuming sometimes.

And thanks to you member fellows, for taking apart some of you precious daily time just to share with us your thoughts.

Alan Coats

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Congratulations, Todd! You have put together something of tremendous

Thanks to you and to all the contributers to this forum.



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Great Job Todd! It's hard to believe it's already been a year. It seems like only yesturday we were having the Todd/Norm forum battle.