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    (another) question about C Beaty's rotor

    Hello Chuck, as you know, i find a great interest in your "floating hub rotor" and it happens that a rotor could be built using that system. If you don't mind (and if you ask no fees :D), i'd like to ask you 2 things : 1 - if you could measure it, what was the angle of "flapping" allowed by...
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    Flying trailer

    My friend Xavier Averso sent me this video of Michael Obermaier, designer of the DF 02, of a test performed on a 900 kg trailer (1800 lbs). If you never saw a flying trailer, it's worth watching the video.
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    Question for Mr C. Beaty

    Hello Chuck, times ago you sent me some pics of your rotor and i have some questions about it : this rotor does'nt need lead/lag hinges but can it be absolutely rigid ? i feel not, does it need somehow a flap hinge or some coning ease ? , i feel yes and you rotorhub was designed that way you...
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    Michael Obermaier DF02 video

    Hi , this is a video from Michael Obermaier (aka MIO) flying his DF 02. Sounds like the DF02 performs pretty well (200 km/h) with the new Averso rotor. lots of wind, impressive touch and go... enjoy. Michael's website : Xavier Averso...
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    This stuff is for Ron Awad (and others)

    Ron, you will love the turbine powered lawnmower other interesting stuff with plenty of turbines.
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    pics of our meeting at LE BOIS DE LA PIERRE - 2007

    Hello forum members, this week-end , we had our annual meeting at LE BOIS DE LA PIERRE, near toulouse. It was a bad year, rainy weather, storms, mud , alot of people just lef because it was a real mess.. ANYWAY ! the braves stood there and we had a lot of fun regardless of the weather. I'd...
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    Xavier AVERSO - new website - new rotor blades

    Hello gyro community, I just want to tell you that i am the webmaster for Xavier AVERSO's website. I just finished his new website : An english version will be available soon, sorry for the delay. Something new : Xavier AVERSO sells a new rotor and new alu extruded...
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    French Meeting at "Le Bois de la Pierre"

    Hello gyro fellows. our annual meeting occured last week and i have put some photos on a website i am just finishing. This website is my instructor's website, Xavier AVERSO. It was a really excellent edition... lots of sun... an ideal wind, lots of friends, lots of wine and lots of fiesta...
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    Tractors : yaw instability ?

    Hello dear forum members, This question is for aerodynamics and flight specialists. I have heard that tractors may experiment unpleasant or dangerous yaw issues. I have also heard that the early La Cierva had yaw problems. My questions are : - is a tractor gyro subject to particular yaw...
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    Question about smoke systems (as seen at BDays 2006)

    Hello dear forum members. I need information about the smoke system that we could see at Bensen Days 2006. It looks like some diesel or so in the exhaust pipes.. How are they made ? I would be grateful if you could give me some details.. Thank you in advance.
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    awesome base jump with a Wing suit !

    wow ! these guys just fly like jets !
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    Tuskegee Airmen "Red Tails"

    I thought this forgotten portion of WWII history was interesting. When patriotism overcomes racism.
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    speed record with a diesel at bonneville

    The JCB Company will try to beat a new speed record with a diesel powered streamliner. check this page (sorry it's in french). if anyone knows a little more about it ...
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    Emergency landings - did it happen to you ?

    Hello gyropilots, as i am training, i wonder how is really feels to have an engine problem and be forced to land in emergency on a spot somewhere. How many of you had too deal with such a situation, what did you do, how was it ? Thank you for your replies.
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    VW 1700 Engine - opinions - tips

    Hello Dear forum members, i neeed your help. it happens that i can have a VW 1700 engine for free. the owner had it on a bensen and is changing it for a rotax. I said to myself that it could be a good thing for a first gyro, or, at least, for use on a Ultralight FWings. I know this kind of...
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    Nice tip jets helicopter

    Hello, here is a nice site with videos of a neat tip jet helicopter, certainly the abandonned project "Intora firebird". we can see a 2 seat enclosed version that is very pretty, looks smooth as silk.
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    BOIS DE LA PIERRE meeting in Toulouse

    Hello, the meeting of LE BOIS DE LA PIERRE, one of the most important in Europe for amateur built gyros, will happen on June 3,4 and 5 near Toulouse. We will be glad to meet gyro flyers and enthusiasts from Belgium, Italy, England, Germany, Spain and all our European and worldwide friends...
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    The energy of the future is CHAMPAIGN !!

    Tomorrow wre will just have to fill up our engines with champaign ! chech this 10 000 K in a single buble ! it may also work with coke or pepsi...:D
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    Blade misalignment , what happens ?

    hello wise men, I've been told that when a blade always get misaligned in the forward direction (leading edge wise). is that always true and could someone explain why ? thank you. edit : very bad english indeed, i should go to us more often
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    rotor governor

    hello, MICHEL CROS, a neighbour gyro-friend is a kind of "alchimist" he builds and various systems for gyros. this one appears to me like very interesting, particularly for safety and performance. It is a centrifugal rotor governor. the principle is : you setup the "normal" pitch (with a spring)...