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    I am looking forward to next week when I will get to see all my friends at El Mirage. Marion,Teddy,Karen,Jeff,Dave,Scott,Brandon,Britta,Mark and all you I know by face but your names I am not sure of. But you will make my day when I see you again. Teddy I hear your gyro is airworthy that is...
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    My gyro

    I have decided to sell the Sparrow Hawk it is a fine aircraft safe and dependable with flat bed trailer. Full set up with all the paper work in order. The winch makes it easy for one person loading and unloading converts to hoist one person installation of the rotor blades. 50 gallon fuel tank /...
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    Windscreen care and maintenance

    My windscreen has accumulated scratches anddiscoloration and I want to try to polish or clean so I can see through it easeir. My question is has anyone used anything that works that they would personally recommend on Lexan type polycarbonate plastic? My kit manuel says Mirror glaze or similar...
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    Prop Shield

    My Ivo prop is getting alot of gravel pits, it is time I did somthing about it before they get any worse. since I am taxing from the pavment, onto gravel and dirt, and back on pavment again, all the time I needed somthing to help protect. been thinking of ways to do the job and this is what a...
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    Chapter 15

    Meets this weekend at San Manuel I will be leaving for coolidge muni in the morning set up camp their. And fly around their a couple of day then saterday will head to the flyn I have my course ploted for the flight to san manuel just need the wind direction and speed 43 miles will be fun.
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    Dirctory Update?

    Anyone know when they will be ready and shiped?
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    Attention Aircraft Owners:

    Beginning this year all aircraft have been invoiced as "active" and have been valued as such for tax purposes. If your aircraft qualifies for one of the exemptions listed below you may be eligible to receive a reduced tax bill...
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    Gyro's Trains Or Automobiles

    How ever you travel have a safe and happy Thanksgiving everone.
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    Pra-15 December Meet

    Their is no official date set sooo I am making one 12-14. All though I will be their at the coolidge airport (P08) from the 11- 16. come fly with me Eloy is only 11 miles away and they have great food very resonable the weather should be in the high 70s nice. bring you tents and gyro's.
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    Battery's Dry Cell

    Hey I am looking for another battery a dry cell in particular. I have a two year old odyssey pc545 and it has been loosing charge when the gyro sets for even 4 hours then have to jump start. I think im flying on altenator. anyone useing any thing differant.
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    K. B. Freedom Fly'n Got My Vote.

    Hi everybody well its over but my memory's will last a life time. I must say I had a great time, and flew my little heart out for 5 days as much as I wanted. The Sparrow Hawk performed to the max and I am well pleased with it. I will make every effort to be back next year as I am able. Thank you...
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    Go Juice

    Its nice to see that it is still droping in price with the Freedom fly n just around the corner. I will be needing alot of it before I return to phoenix.
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    My Lug Nuts

    Today I went out to the gyro trailer to take off the wheels and re grease the bearings, getting ready for the trip to El Mirage. I have never had a flat so far on the trailer, and it's a good thing, cause the lug nuts were on so tight that I had to use a 4 foot length of pipe to slide over the 4...
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    El Mirage Dry Lake Ok But Where?

    I am planning on getting there a few days early the afternoon of 22nd of sept. and need to know where the event will be setting up on the lake bed. Is anyone planning on being there that early?
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    rotor tach

    Hey all, wanted to ask anyone who might know where to get a skydat DX 9 at a good price mine went on the blink. last few flights have been without but need to replace soon feels a little weird flying without when you have always had the rotor speed their for you to see. thanks
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    Like A Bird

    I just got back from a five day flying trip and took some pictures of the surrounding area around the desert between Phoenix and Tucson AZ. Its good to fly once in a while lifts your spirits and gets the blood pumping. Took some flights to Eloy (E60) from coolidge (P08) They have a nice...
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    Take A Flight With Google Earth

    For those who don't know about Google Earth it is a great way to take a flight without leaving the keyboard. Once you have installed click on directions then type your address on the first line and a destination on the second hit search and it lists the steps then hit the play symbol and take a...
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    My Fly Weekend

    Whooohooo! What a trip left for coolidge airport (P08) last wednesday morning from phoenix got out their about noon. I had the gyro off the trailer and the blades on and pre flight done by 3:30 pm and the winds were out of the north at 6 mph so I went for a few traffic paterns everything went...
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    Christmas Carol Lyrics

    This is one of my favorites what a message. We often here songs and not really here the message inside. Hark the herald angels sing "Glory to the newborn King! Peace on earth and mercy mild God and sinners recaonciled" Joyful, all you nations rise join the triumph on the skies with the...
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    Sneak Peek

    It's been along busy summer putn this thing together soo close now its scarry just waitn for the rotors to ship. Theirs a few minor differences.