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    Free App From AOPA: Fly Q

    Fly Q is a free app from AOPA. Works great on the Ipad. Has detailed information for airports. Also flight plans and DUAT weather briefings. A quick video about Fly Q Article about Fly Q Edits: Just now learning the app. It requires your AOPA login to activate. Your password for DUAT...
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    Free Live Safety Webinar on your computer

    This seminar is free and has limited enrollment. Safety Webinar Below is information about the seminar: How to Prevent Little Problems From Becoming Big Problems! This live webinar takes a look at how sometimes a relatively small problem can develop into a major problem and possibly result...
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    Density Altitude / Pressure Altitude

    With Bensen Days approaching, I thought I would post a density/pressure altitude chart using Wauchula Municipal as an example for calculating density altitude. Most of the charts I have seen only had the density altitude chart and not the conversion factors chart. All of the crude on the...
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    Private Pilot Test Questions

    This is directed to Dan McGee and of course anyone else interested in obtaining their private pilots license. Attached is the September 2008 test questions for private pilots license. It will give you a taste of what this periods test questions will be like. Hope this helps
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    Youtube video download and conversion

    I like to download and save good (they are all good) gyro videos to one location to watch without having to hunt for them -- so -- thought that this might be of interest to others. FYI for users of Firefox browser, the browser now has a add-on which allows downloading videos from youtube and...
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    My Christmas Lights

    After constant prodding by my wife, I finally got my Christmas Lights out on the house. O.J. - no sex for me tonight either.
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    X-Plane V9.0 is $20 off for a few days

    Just posting this for those thinking about going to X-Plane V9.0. Just thought I would pass this along, maybe the post will save someone a few bucks. Price has been dropped to $39.00. Website says that the price is going up to $59.00. Both and are selling the program...
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    Static Thrust

    There has been some good discussion about Racer's engine performance in Colorado's thin air. Density altitude is working on it's performance. What is it capable of at sea level. Could it pull 550 lbs at sea level? Could Gyroron handle the power? Looking through some of my notes, I found...
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    Porn site has linked to Matt Novotny's Youtube

    I did a google search for "youtube, gyrocopter, Matt" . This was one of the returns: YouTube - Matt Novotny flying his gyro at Bensen Days 2008 Here's Matt Novotny yankin' and bankin' at Bensen Days 2008 held in Wauchula, FL. ... For more info on gyrocopters visit and ...
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    RealPlayer now records Youtube videos

    The latest version of RealPlayer now downloads and records "Youtube Videos". I downloaded the latest version of RealPlayer after reading that it now allows you to download Youtube videos. I clicked on Tim Chick's 2008 Bensen Days video link from here on RotaryForum and watched it on Youtube...
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    General Diminsions in Autocad

    I had some free time today an did alittle playing around in Autocad. Took some general measurements. My measurement for the top of the mast to the top of the rotorhead is 12 inches. Have 12 inch hub bar and 11 1/2 ft dragonwing blades. It is hard to see but the hub bar has a 3 degree angle up...
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    Tattoo for GyroRon

    Saw this picture of a tattoo and thought it could be appropriate for GyroRon if he started balding. I bet that tattoo would cause a couple chuckles and a conversation while waiting in line to order at the local fast food restaurant.
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    You Gotta Love America Enough said!!!
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    Carburator upgrade to fuel injection on TV July 7th

    While looking ahead to set my dvr to tv programs I might want to record, I noticed there will be an episode on converting carburetor to fuel injection on "Weekend Mechanic". The show is scheduled to air July 7, 6:00am CST. This is probably old news to "Jonathon" and "Don Parham". Maybe they...
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    Blue Angels jet crashes in South Carolina

    Blue Angels had an accident today in Beaufort, South Carolina during an airshow. One fatality reported. BEAUFORT, S.C. - A jet fighter flown by the U.S. Navy Blue Angels demonstration team crashed Saturday during an air show in South Carolina, according...
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    Foam Cutting Airfoils & bondo mold

    I have been experimenting with hotwire foam cutting. My foam airfoils are cut to 24 inch span with a chord of 18 inches. Included a picture of results of a hotwire breaking during foam cutting. Using 2 inch styrofoam (insulfoam) bought at builders square. When the two halves are glued...
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    spfi ea81 information for the ea81 hounds While cruising the web, I came across this information/manual about converting a ea81 carb engine to a fuel injected engine. It looks pretty through.
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    Download: "How I Build Wooden Propellers"

    There is a free download of Al Schubert's book "How I Build Wooden Propellers" at . After seeing Ron Iaconis' beautiful propeller in his thread "Carving my own prop", I thought it would be appropiate to start this thread for the 450+ views that might not...