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    "Retracktable" gears

    Old news ,but ,probably handy for transportation at 4:30 and 6:50
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    Bensen's brake

    This question is to our "classic" guys. What kind of wood/plywood was it used for Bensen brakes? What was the most practical? Thank you. Georgi. P.S. Plus a little bit different. If you use a disk brake on a front wheel and have a soft springs in front fork-pedals linkage. Do you...
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    Hi , Guys I am looking for anybody who has a working DIGIPOD (by Ralph Taggart). I just have a few questions about it. Please , send me an e-mail through the FORUM . Thank you. Georgi.
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    For Birdy's retirement
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    Question to Ralph Taggart and interested

    I have some naive attraction to Ralph Taggart's on rotor prerotators. And just wonder how it would look now if we'll use modern electric motors,batteries , remote "Start-Stop" controls, maybe folding props etc...
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    What does make one gyro better then the other

    The answer can look simple ,but nevertheless WHAT? The devil (or magic ) is in details .And I am not talking about unique gyro like C Beaty's . For example : many gyro pilots (including the designer Dennis Fetters) say , that single AirCommand is the best gyro they ever flew. But AirCommand and...
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    Question to C.Beaty

    Hi, Chuck Is metal surface just fine or there is better materials to use for contacting/braking a tire with a scrub brake? Thank you. Georgi.
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    Ultralight Butterfly pictures

    There were many pictures of beautiful green Ultralight Butterfly gyro on this Forum. Can you help to find them? Thank you. Georgi.
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    Torque tube for Aviomania electric prerotator

    I am trying to figure out what kind of torque tube (dimensions) should I have to use with Aviomania electric prerotator. Any drawings and pictures ,please. Thank you. Georgi.
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    Aviomania's electric prerotator

    I really admire Aviomania's gyros. And thinking now about installing his electric prerotator. I have recoil , manual for now on my Bandit gyro . But am getting a little bit lazy or just weaker .Anybody care to share your experience? Thank you.Georgi.
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    Question to Doug Riley about prerotator Gizmo

    Hi,Doug I have a recoil prerotator Gizmo on my Bandit gyro. Despite its simplicity it manages to malfunction from time to time . Cable jumps from driving ring. Ring sticks.The driving ring which pressed over a bearing after a while getting wobbly. I believe I saw once your post about stopper...
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    Rotordyne gyrocopter

    I found this gyro on Does anybody know anything about this gyro? Who is making it? Is it one of a kind? Thank you. Georgi.
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    propane engine

    Was reading the article Was there any attempt to use a propane engine in aviation...
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    Landing gear help

    My gyro "Bandit" does not have any suspension except tires. And I am looking for the lightest mod to add a suspension. Maybe cut the vertical strut and put some bended insert? Any way, all help are welcomed. Thank you . Georgi.
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    Question to Chuck B.

    Chuck, I remember when new two sitter inclosed gyros were introduced there were a lot of discussions of not adequate tails for such a big front body and possibility to swap front to back in flight on the forum. So, was the problem somehow solved? Because I still see huge front body and pretty...
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    Seat extansion

    I need to extend my gyro seat to feel more comfortable in flight. What would be the best ( light and strong ) material for that? Any advice? Thank you. Georgi,
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    ID helmet ?

    Can somebody identify the helmet on a guy? World's Easiest Powered Paragliding / Paramotor / Paraglider/ Paramotoring Equipment!! Flat Top!!! - YouTube
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    Putting exhaust springs

    I am not the smallest guy ,but sometimes it is almost impossible to attach exhaust springs where they belong and not to scrape them.Finally I figured out to use a nylon cord ( from old pull starter ) or any strong rope. When it is still hard I tie one end of the cord to a muffler in my case (see...
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    It was a discussion about it ,just can not find. What is the torque of the cheek plates bolts and other bolts on the mast and keel? Hand tight ( not to deform 1" x 2" and 2" x 2" ) or ??? Thanks.
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    Has anybody tried to use laryngophone in open gyros?