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    Rare sighting

    I flew under this AirBus 380 the other day. It was 1000' above. Cast's a large shadow! I hope it uploads.
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    Great website!

    Hello all, I sincerely hope I am not waisting valuable space here:) I have been reading a lot of posts regarding some interesting dynamics regarding the flight of unpowered rotary wings. Like weather they fly backwards or not......just for instance:) Anyway.....this is a great website, The...
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    Gyro flying in LA

    Hello everyone. I spend a fair amount of time in a hotel in Van Nuys. I was wondering if there are any gyro nuts in the area? Just looking for something to do or someone to visit with my spare time. Thanks mark hallett
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    Hello From Mark Hallett

    Hello all. I am very glad to have found this wounderfull site to interact with fans of rotating wings. I live just north of Columbus Ohio in the town of Powell. I am a corporate pilot currently flying a GulfStream IV based in Toronto. Yes.....I commute:( The company has provided a Baron 58...