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    What's the Status?

    What's the status of the Phenix Autogyro? The website no longer exists. I was really hoping this tractor autogyro go into production. Even better, become a kit aircraft for the USA experimental amateur built market. It definitely would sell here in the USA as a kit.! Wayne
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    An "Interesting" Attempt

    Sent to me by a good friend. I find this attempt to build a tractor gyroplane out of an existing fixed wing airframe "interesting." It is for sale on Craigslist in Montery, CA. The description is as follows. Wayne "Hello, Autogyro, made from a shortened Cessna 150. Build partially from “little...
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    Happy Birthday Marion Springer!

    Happy Birthday Marion! The Queen of Gyroplane Aviation! and a wonderful dear friend! Wayne
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    Puerto Rico

    Has anyone heard from any of our PRA members in Puerto Rico? Wayne
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    Aerial Photos of Moe Rascon & Teddy Udala "Ranches."

    I was looking at a long time good friend of mine's video whereas he is gliding his CH 750 "dead stick" onto El Mirage Dry Lake Bed. In the video is a good shot of Teddy Udala's and Moe Rascon's "Ranches." The location in the windshield is between the right door post and the right side windshield...
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    Happy Birthday Marion Springer !!!!

    I know I'm a day early, however I want to be first to wish you Marion a very Happy Birthday! See you Saturday !!! Wayne
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    PRA CHatper 1 March Meeting

    Since I work a rotating work schedule, I'm not always available to attend the monthly PRA Chapter 1 meetings. The dates and times aligned up for me this month, and I was able to attend the meeting. The Mojave Desert has a wonderful beauty of it's own, and spring time is no exception. After a 6...
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    Bob Hoover Memorial Service

    Yesterday, I attended the memorial service for Bob Hoover at Clay Lacy Aviation at Van Nuys Airport (KVNY). It was very crowded with a large turnout (mostly QBs there at Lacy's). Sean Tucker, Chuck Yeager and Harrison Ford were in attendance, and many fun and heart warming stories were told by...
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    All right you Jarheads,

    AW - tennnnnn - sHUNT! AT - eeeease! All right you Jarheads, listen UP! I'm only gonna say this once today! Happy 241st Birthday! Thank you for being United States Marines! May God Bless you and your families. AW - tennnnn - sHUNT! Dismissed! Wayne
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    FAA Wings Program

    Just curious, How many on this forum are active within the FAA Wings Program? Wayne
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    Drone Operators Could Outnumber Private Aviation Pilots In Just One Year

    Drone Operators Could Outnumber Private Aviation Pilots In Just One Year August 29, 2016 11:52 am EDT By Ashlee Kieler A sky of opportunity drones industry test pilots license a growing business aviation testing a popular option Two months after the Federal Aviation Administration released...
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    FAA Commercial Remote Pilot Certificate Add-on

    OK, for those who are already FAA Part 61 Certificate Holders (Sport Pilot of any category and class or higher), the following is what is required to add on an FAA Commercial Remote Pilot Certificate. Instructions for Part 61 Certificate Holders Eligibility: * Must hold a pilot certificate...
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    Small UAS rules take effect

    Sent to me today by the AOPA Link at the bottom of the page Wayne ----------------------------------------------------------------- Small UAS rules take effect August 29, 2016 By Elizabeth A Tennyson New rules for operating unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) weighing less than 55 pounds take...
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    Nicholas Florine Tandem Helicopter

    In the Chinook Legacy thread, Chuck Beaty linked a video of Nicolas Florine Tandem Helicopter. Thank you Chuck. This prompt me to do a quick Google search to see what I can find on Nicolas Florine. I found the following Belgian website that is very...
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    Grand Central Air Terminal

    Many on this forum are familiar with the photo of Amelia Earhart with a Pitcairn PCA-2 in front of the Grand Central Air Terminal in Glendale, CA. The airport is long gone, however the Art Deco Air Terminal building still exists and is presently own by the Disney Corporation. Disney has spent...
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    Fire on the Mountain

    Earlier today in Santa Clarita, the high temperature was 107 degrees Fahrenheit with around 10% humidity. A brush fire broke out under suspicious circumstances next to Highway 14 and the Sand Canyon exit. More than 2,500 acres have burnt in the Angeles National Forest by 9:00 PM local time. The...
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    Happy 240th Birthday USA!

    July 4, 1776 a new nation was created by declaring our independence. We still are going though our growing pains, and still far from perfect. Never the less, many who are less fortunate in their own countries arrive at our shores and borders for a chance at a better life and for better...
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    Sikorsky R-4: Project Ivory Soap

    I recently spoke with an aircrew from the 33d Rescue Squadron from Nellis AFB about this very subject. They had no idea about this piece of USAAF/USAF history. From the USAF Helicopter Pilots Association website. Top Secret Project Ivory Soap -- Aircraft Repair Ships...
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    Piasecki PA-4

    We all are aware of the ubiquitous RC quadcopter that is also erroneously labeled as a "drone" by the disinfomed media. This type of aerial platform is nothing new. The earliest attempts of vertical and hovering flight were with machines that had four evenly spaced rotors. Back in 1958...
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    Surprise Visitor to KSZP

    A rare surprise visitor to Santa Paula Airport (KSZP) over the weekend. A USMC AH-1Z Viper helicopter, also referred to as a "Zulu Cobra." It is interesting how the venerable "Huey Cobra" has evolved in the past 50 years. The early "G" model Cobra had an empty weight of around 5,800 lb and a...