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  1. ToddP

    Upgrade to Xenforo

    Hello Everyone, I had originally scheduled the upgrade to Xenforo for today. After thinking it through, I've decided to postpone until next week. We are creating a test forum right now to see how a conversion will work and hopefully work through any bugs beforehand. You can expect the...
  2. ToddP

    Forum repairs and Updates

    Hello Everyone, First, let me apologize for essentially "letting the forum go" over the past year. I've had a number projects going and the forum didn't get the attention it needed. Over the past few days I'm sure most noticed the forum crashed. After working through the weekend to recover...
  3. ToddP

    Back Up and Running - PLEASE READ

    Hello Everyone. After several days of work, the forum is back up and running. Some of you may still be getting a warning about malware or Phishing. We have scanned the site exhaustively and are confident we do not have any malware. We are doing "reputation" repair to get the site taken off the...
  4. ToddP

    Updates and Repairs

    Hello Everyone, The site is slowly coming back together. You will notice that we are still sorting out all the image links and more. We have also performed numerous scans to figure out why there have been reports of malware / phishing. Give me a few days to work out the bugs. The site will...
  5. ToddP

    Forum Support Subscriptions

    Hello Everyone, I just received an e-mail that the paypal subscription was not working. Then it dawned on me that a month or two ago I updated my paypal account from my old Yahoo address to my gmail address. The subscription links are now working. Your donations are always appreciated...
  6. ToddP

    User Moderation

    Hello Everyone, The spam messages were continuing to be a problem so I've gone back to the tedious but necessary process of manual user authentication. I only manage to get it done every other day or so but you may have noticed, we've also experienced a dramatic decrease in spam messages...
  7. ToddP

    Fixed Database

    Well that took a some work but the database is repaired and the forum is back up. When I have some time today I'll work to figure out why the Content Management System / start page isn't working right. Thanks for your patience.
  8. ToddP

    Forum Upgrade Coming

    Hello Everyone, I've been fairly absent for awhile but it's time to get back to work. Over the next few weeks you should see some substantial changes to the forum. We'll be upgrading to the newer version of the software which should address some security concerns but also allow us to add...
  9. ToddP

    Failed Login Messages

    Hello Everyone, Many of our accounts are being "attacked" with repeated attempts and failed logins. I have started to block IP addresses from these attempted logins. If you receive any more of these e-mails, please forward them so I can add the IP to the list of blocked addresses. Thank You
  10. ToddP

    Database Issues

    Hello Everyone, We're having a couple issues with the database that I'm working to resolve. You may get occasional error messages with MySQL database errors as a result. I am working with tech support to get this resolved, please bear with me. Todd
  11. ToddP

    Things that come in 3's

    If incidents come in 3's, Brace yourselves. We rarely have outages, I would have to look at stats but I'm pretty sure we're typically up 99.9% of the time. Over the weekend we suffered an automatic software update that caused severe server load issues making the forum unavailable most the...
  12. ToddP

    Milestones - 1/2 Million Posts

    Today the forum crossed the threshold and recorded it's 1/2 millionth post. Obviously we don't reach a milestone like this without having received a tremendous amount of help over the years. Mike Gaspard has done more work than I'll ever know to keep this little machine running. Mike is...
  13. ToddP

    Notice: Server Maintenance Thursday Morning.

    Hello Everyone, I received notice that our host will be doing server maintenance on Thursday, December 6th from 4AM EST to 7 AM EST. We may experience some outages during this time. Plan accordingly :ohwell: Todd
  14. ToddP

    Forum Downtime

    Had a pretty good little hiccup with the forum this afternoon / evening. I was getting a database disk space error so I spent several hours trying to clear space and get it back up and running myself. After lots of research..and no luck I fell upon the mercy of the network support center that...
  15. ToddP

    Forum Down

    Some of you probably noticed the forum was down for almost 12 hours today. If I recall correctly, this is the worst outage we've ever suffered since the forum went live in October of 2003. At this time the server has been restored on new hardware but we are working off a backup from November...
  16. ToddP

    Great Video Work from Bensen Days

    When I first got involved in gyros, I would have to search high and low for any type of gyro video. Most of what I could get my hands on were demo videos from manufacturers. It has been really cool seeing all the great videos from Bensen Days. Great work Tim Chick and others who took the...
  17. ToddP

    Embedded Videos

    I was doing a little work on the forum today and bought a mod that makes all of our video links embedded. Seems to be working pretty well so far.
  18. ToddP

    Political Postings

    We're done with them. This forum, off-topic or not is to share our common interest in rotorcraft aviation. We have a select group of people who are absolutely intent on finding our differences. All political postings will be deleted from this point forward. If you continue to start threads...
  19. ToddP

    Drop Box - Free online data Storage

    Hi Guys, I use three different computers regularly. My home office, my laptop and my work office computers. It always seemed the file I need was....on another computer. A few months ago I found an online storage system called dropbox. They provide 2GB of free online storage that...
  20. ToddP

    Server Upgrade Completed

    Hello, Hopefully our troubles are behind us. The server upgrade has been completed and hopefully cured the problems we were having. Please e-mail me if you notice anything not working. Thanks for your patience. Todd