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  1. martin-av8r

    info about dominator with viking turbo engine

    does some body or ernie have information about the turbo viking dominator some specification about the performance difference or upgrade between the turbo and naturally aspirated. since i sa that picture i salivate over the performance upgrade...
  2. martin-av8r

    shock idea

    hi this is a shock i am thinking to buy for is performance durability easy to rebuild and mutch for its easy ride height ajustability and weight i think its only 2.1 pound each and you can have 18.80 extended leight with 6.20 inch travel its not cheap but i think similar to coilover shocks price...
  3. martin-av8r

    chord wise balance question

    i have a question about chord wise balance of the old rotorhawks hollow leading hedge blade. this blades seam very under balance and tail heavy. no nose weight hollow tube style leading edge. some thick rear skin and just some meat where is the rivet line .and this seam to fly well and secur...
  4. martin-av8r

    seat tank gas cap

    hi everyone i have a baja seat same model has roy davis and i see people put gas cap on baja seat and want to no what gas cap model is thanks