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  1. JRB549

    Apex 150 hp out of a sled

    2006, 7524 miles. Change is because of a tree.
  2. JRB549

    Apex 150 hp out of a sled

    I'm passing this info on as a favor to my sled buddy's Apex 150 hp, 4 banger, he's keeping exhaust and heat exchanger but all electric and everything to keep it running comes with it. $2500. If any one has questions I will give the info for a connection.
  3. JRB549

    Heading to Phoenix

    Thanks all to the post, Rhoadsrunner , thanks for the invite and I will make it down once I relocate to Phoenix. I have a gyro and have been flying since 02 and am looking for those who are close enough to hang,er with so I can finish my TBO. I know no one in Phoenix and am on an Adventure to...
  4. JRB549

    Heading to Phoenix

    Thanks all, Kevin could you let me know which airport and what the hanger they meet at or a contact number. My gyro is in pieces due to a rebuild and would like to meet them. Thanks
  5. JRB549

    Heading to Phoenix

    My grandson is 2 and wanting to watch him grow up. I have covered all my bases but one never knows what to expect in the unknown. Anyone who lives in the area could give insite that I may have overlooked so if there are gyro heads in that neck of the woods and wouldn't mind answering a few...
  6. JRB549

    Hay Greg, was wondering if you were interested in an Apex 150 hp sled motor, you are the only...

    Hay Greg, was wondering if you were interested in an Apex 150 hp sled motor, you are the only person that I could think of to offer this engine to. Give me a call at 574-309- 0855 if interested J.R. Brown
  7. JRB549

    Bensen Days 2017

    Great video, did I read the name right, Dave's son?
  8. JRB549

    Chapter 15 az rotorcraft club fly-in

    Is there any activity for chapter 15 in AZ? I know the desert is a lonely place but there has to be something going on! I'm planning a move to Phoenix and would be nice if there were just a few crazy minded people that thought like me.
  9. JRB549

    As seen from above

    One thing to keep in mind. A gyro pilot knows what he's looking for when trying to spot another gyro, not all FW pilots​ can do this. This is why I chose a smoker kit for visability for other aircraft. Consider all possibilities, no radios, no tower ect....It's happened to me more than once. The...
  10. JRB549

    Night vision Monocular.

    I may have missed it one of the post Vance but my experience while training is that any light at night isn't a good thing with NV on. Your strobes will bilind you even being indirect. Just a thought.
  11. JRB549

    I am a New Gyroplane CFI

    Welcome, we never stop learning.
  12. JRB549

    Trump - Day 24 of 4 years

    In the first Spider-Man movie and those that followed for that fact, all had scene's of the newspaper cheif making up false headlines to do one job, sell, sell, sell, lies. The only truth was it was Spider-Man, not Batman.
  13. JRB549

    Trump - Day 24 of 4 years

    Steve of you read the end of my post you will find the answer! Our news now is nothing more than tabloid at a check out of a food Mart. We know that all made up and hold no value to for truth. The fact and I mean FACT is that no one reports the actual true news anymore and the news has always...
  14. JRB549

    Trump - Day 24 of 4 years

    Steve UK ...You guys must have better s**t to smoke than we do cause I for the life of me do not understand where you are coming from other than just repeating the same retiric the fake news is! For the sake of the best of all concerned regardless of implecation nobilety came to the fore front.
  15. JRB549

    Aviomania - Viking First Impressions

    Congratulations Joe, being self aware of issues to improve the outcome is a pilot in control, it only get better as you "play" to induce a different outcome. I remember you're training days at Wauchula and you have come along way. I remember when I first felt I was "wearing" my plane and started...
  16. JRB549

    Trump - Day 24 of 4 years

    Steve UK..... Approved by Trump because he is the sitting US President, however it was an operation implemented under then sitting Obama. Just because a change in the man doesn't mean everything stops the day he leaves office.
  17. JRB549

    Trump - Day 24 of 4 years

    Fara, you must be one busy guy so.....let me draw your memory back. Menton last year, Doc Chris, Greg, I believe Mr Steve M, the guest in the RV next to Greg and Chris and you and I. Or did you turn me down for my award winning fried squash?
  18. JRB549

    Happy Birthday Tim Chick!

    Happy Birthday Tim, have a great one
  19. JRB549

    Trump - Day 24 of 4 years

    Well said Fara, I think we all should hang out a flyin and eat fried squash, mine ofcourse.
  20. JRB549

    Happy Birthday Greg Spicola!

    Happy birthday greg