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  1. Gman

    For Sale in Texas

    B8 M for sale on craigslist
  2. Gman

    What happened to Heath?

    Has anyone heard from Heath Lowry? Wondering how he's doing.
  3. Gman

    Tandem SnowBird

    Tandem SnoBird for sale. No rotor blades or seat tanks. A 2.4l ecotec engine will be included. Lots of extras, wheels/tires/brakes, air command gauge pod, original tail and Ernie's Tall tail. Was originally powered by a 100hp 2si. $2,500 OBO Located in West Texas. 435-201-9888 Jerry
  4. Gman

    Hirth 3003

    Does anyone have any experience flying in front/behind a Hirth 3003? Are there any known reliability issues? I have searched and don't find much.
  5. Gman

    Quicker Browsing!

    The new site is coming along! How hard would it be to put a "Today's Post" Box in? It's very time consuming looking at every topic to see if there has been a new post. Thanks for listening, keep up the good work! Thank you.
  6. Gman

    Rotor Head Off-Set

    I would like to know why, on the bigger tandem gyro's the rotor head has a right off-set from center line?
  7. Gman

    What Type of Rotor Blade?

    What are the in-flight characteristics of the different blade materials? ( Extruded Aluminum, Laminated Aluminum, Fiberglass/Carbon ) What are the safety concerns with each type? Thanks.
  8. Gman

    LF26 D-Motor

    Does anybody know if the 4 cylinder D-Motor has been used in a gyro?
  9. Gman

    Frame material

    Abid, What series stainless are your frames made out of? Thanks.
  10. Gman

    Stainless Steel Gyro Frame

    Does anyone know the series of stainless steel used in the mast and keel of the newer gyroplanes? (MTO,Ti Explorer, AR1,etc.....)
  11. Gman


    Should the prop shaft be rotated so it's above the crank center line or below it? I've read where you want the mass of engine as high as possible, is this correct thinking? Thanks, Jerry
  12. Gman

    Ecotec Powered Tandem

    Does anyone know what happened to Anthony Spangoletti's GM powered tandem? Thanks.
  13. Gman

    Calumet Air?

    Has anyone been able to get a hold of Tom Milton lately?
  14. Gman


    Any feedback on how this combination is working out?
  15. Gman

    SnowBird Tandem

    I have a tandem SnoBird project for sale. This SnowBird is missing the engine/psru, seat tanks and rotor blades. I have everything else, along with extra wheels and tires(one set of tundra tires), extra brake rotors, spindles and calipers, Ernie"s tall tail along with the original and an...
  16. Gman

    Block a Thread

    Is it possible to block a thread so it doesn't come up when you check post's?
  17. Gman

    ebay Gyro

    Just saw this. What a Classic!
  18. Gman

    Disc Loading

    Hi, What is the correct disc load?
  19. Gman

    SnoBird Tandem

    Fred Blair owner of SnoBird, said they are to the point they can take a few orders.
  20. Gman

    Gyro CFI in West Texas

    Are there any gyro CFI in West Texas?