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  1. GyroDoug

    Contact for Cristine Toevs

    Heron, Try 316-435-2238
  2. GyroDoug

    Mike, What are the dates for your 2018 Fly In? I would like to put it on our Calendar. :)...

    Mike, What are the dates for your 2018 Fly In? I would like to put it on our Calendar. :) Thanks, Doug Barker
  3. GyroDoug

    Rotors Over the Rockies 2018

    I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the dates for ROTR 2018. We will be sticking to our tradition of holding the Event so that in culminates on the 2nd Saturday in June. So in 2018 that will mean June 5th through the 9th. This year it will be held again at the Nephi, UT. airport...
  4. GyroDoug

    Rotors Over the Rockies 2017 - 10th Anniversary Edition

    Rick, I have already replied to you privately about this question, but for everyone else's sake, Yes there will be camping at the airport. It is without hookups for this year, but plenty of space available and there will be water available as well as bathrooms with running water and vending...
  5. GyroDoug

    Flying with the Angels... Kent Goddard

    This really is very sad news! Kent will be missed by everyone that knew him. (and that was a lot of people!) He has truly touched many lives for the better. God Bless you Kent!
  6. GyroDoug

    Happy New Year

    Mark, Glad to hear you are planning to be at ROTR this year. :) FYI - it will be held at the Nephi airport this year rather than in Brigham City. Also it will be held June 6th - 10th. I believe it got posted as the week before that in the SunState Calendar this year, so we need to make...
  7. GyroDoug

    2017 fly-in dates

    Rotors Over the Rockies will be held June 6th through June 10th. However the location for the event is still in question as we are considering a new airport, so I wouldn't list the location yet Doug
  8. GyroDoug

    We lost FJ today .... he's flying on angel wings now!

    Chris, I am so sorry for your loss. Jim was loved by all and will be greatly missed. Please let us know if there is any thing we can do to be of assistance to you through this trial. It was way too early for him to go, but at least he got to accomplish his goal and fly his Gyro before he was...
  9. GyroDoug

    I was working in the hanger this afternoon when...

    It's great to have Gyro Friends!
  10. GyroDoug

    2016: What a Great ROTR!

    It was a great event! And many things go into making it great, but above all else, it's the people that make this such a great experience. Many have mentioned to me that their is a special atmosphere at the ROTR event, and I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you to all who came and participated and...
  11. GyroDoug


    Gilbert, It was good to see you again at ROTR. Congratulations on getting your license finished up. Now no more excuses not to come fly around with us next year. :) I hope you have a great year flying and look forward to seeing you again next year???
  12. GyroDoug

    Farmer Jim SOLOED today!!!!!

  13. GyroDoug

    2016: What a Great ROTR!

    It's hard to describe all that happened at the event, but as usual it was great to see and visit with friends that I have developed over the last 10 years in the Gyro World. It was also great to make new friends and I met several new people that I count as new friends and it was great to get to...
  14. GyroDoug

    Fun Begins at ROTR 2016!

    Well it's still the night before the Event officially starts and there's already a bunch of Gyros & Pilots there and flying happening. And I believe lots more will join the crowd tomorrow, so it looks like we're off to a great start. Hope to see you all there! Doug
  15. GyroDoug

    Butterfly Back In The Air

    Mitch, It's great to see you flying again and back on the forum. I agree, you have been missed! It looks like you had a great flight with lots of beautiful country to fly over. I particularly liked the G-Force landing you made. You are among a small number of people who have that type of...
  16. GyroDoug

    ROTR T-Shirt & Polo Shirt Order

    Charlie, I want a Polo Shirt in 2XL. Doug
  17. GyroDoug

    Rotors Over the Rockies 2016

    Kolibri, I look forward to meeting you and to seeing your machine. Please let me know if there is anything I can to to help facilitate your trip. It sounds like a great adventure waiting to happen. :) Doug
  18. GyroDoug

    Rotors Over the Rockies 2016

    Guy, That's great that you are going to be able to join us. Just make sure to bring your machine with you, even if you aren't planning to be able to fly it yet, as there are a lot of folks that would love to see it and it is a great looking Gyro. See you there! Doug
  19. GyroDoug

    Update on Kermit

    Heath, I am glad to hear that you are still moving forward and that it looks like you will be able to join us again at Rotors Over the Rockies again. You do have an amazing Gyro and I look forward to seeing You and Laurie and Kermit again, in a few weeks. Please let me know if I can do...
  20. GyroDoug

    Rotors Over the Rockies 2016

    I just wanted to remind everyone that Rotors Over the Rockies will be held this year at the Brigham City Airport (as usual) on June 7th through June 11th. This year should be bigger and better than ever. It's looking like we should half a dozen CFI's with us this year, so getting training...