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  1. Steve_UK

    Tango 2 - N875FV - Georgia

    Posted here to keep it separate from the condolence thread - base details now shown via the FAA ASIAS The FAA ASIAS states "AIRCRAFT CRASHED UNDER UNKNOWN CIRCUMSTANCES IN A FIELD, CEDARTOWN, GA. " Shown as N875FV - a very new machine registered in September 2019. Some local media reporting...
  2. Steve_UK

    AR-1 N147AR - Florida - tail strike

    The latest FAA ASIAS reports the following from Brooksville, Florida on 21-10-19 for AR-1 N147AR AIRCRAFT CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF WHEN ROTAR STRUCK THE RUDDER, BROOKSVILLE, FL.
  3. Steve_UK

    MTOsport - N498AG - Texas - trees

    The latest FAA ASIAS summary states "AIRCRAFT LOST POWER ON TAKEOFF AND STRUCK TREES, MONTGOMERY, TX." injuries minor damage substantial. Note the report quotes the registration as N4198AG which I believe is in error for N498AG. The pilot of this accident has posted on FB about the accident...
  4. Steve_UK

    Tango 2 - N8445P - Dublin Texas - wind

    Latest FAA ASIAS report another - Oct 5th 2019 - Dublin airfield, Texas, USA - Tango 2 - N8445P - FAA ASIAS states "AIRCRAFT KNOCKED ONTO SIDE BY WIND GUST WHILE LANDING, DUBLIN, TX. - injuries listed as none, damage as substantial FAA register currently shows registration pending, cert...
  5. Steve_UK

    Mosquito - N849GF - accident Kershaw SC

    Latest FAA ASIAS states "AIRCRAFT LIFTED OFF LOST CONTROL AND CRASHED UNDER UNKNOWN CIRCUMSTANCES, KERSHAW, SC. Injuries listed as minor - Damage listed as substantial N849GF certificate issued 3rd July 2019.
  6. Steve_UK

    San Diego - AR-1 - N223G

    The FAA ASIAS states 15-9-19 - "AIRCRAFT LOST POWER AFTER TAKEOFF AND LANDED IN THE GRASS, SAN DIEGO, CA. " Flight phase is listed as Take Off Damage listed as none - Injuries unknown. FAA register suggests it has a Rotax 912 Hopefully a successful off field landing.
  7. Steve_UK

    Awash with Spam

    Currently we seem to be deluged with Spam related messages. Anything the Mods can do to raise the entry bar a little - qualifying questions maybe, initial first few posts in Mod qurrentine or similar Thanks
  8. Steve_UK

    Connecticut - Bushgyro - N775SS

    Todays FAA ASIAS update shows an accident for 26-8-19 as follows "AIRCRAFT LOST CONTROL WHILE TAXIING ON THE RUNWAY AND FLIPPED ON ITS SIDE, CHESTER, CT" Type show as a Bushgyro - certificate issued on 31-7-19 Hopefully repairable.
  9. Steve_UK

    Wisconsin - Sport Copter Vortex - Fatal - N634SC

    Todays FAA ASIAS summary mentions a fatal Sportcopter Vortex accident at Viroqua, Wisconsin - it states AIRCRAFT CRASHED UNDER UNKNOWN CIRCUMSTANCES IN A FIELD, VIROQUA, WI. N634SC - flight stage, En Route. The FAA registers shows a new Certificate Issue Date of 1st August 2019
  10. Steve_UK

    Hawley, MN - Fatal - AR-1 - 11th July 2019

    Several news reports of a fatal crash at Hawley airport, Minnesota on 11-7-19 - some refer to its as an aircraft, others as a gyrocopter. One image appears to show the tail which *might be" a gyro. Sad news for all concerned with the pilot. More on this news link...
  11. Steve_UK

    Newly registered Cavalon - Imported ?

    This weeks FAA update shows newly registered Cavalon N913GB - this has factory serial V00104, making it from around 2013 - manufacturer is listed as AutoGyro Gmbh rather than Joe Bloggs, so doesn't appear to be built in the US. I've no previous info on V00104 and wonder if it's been imported...
  12. Steve_UK

    Cavalon - Nephi - N882M

    19-6-19 - Nephi, Utah, USA - Auto-Gyro Cavalon - N882M - The FAA ASIAS reports, "CRASHED UNDER UNKNOWN CIRCUMSTANCES", injuries to pilot unknown, damage to gyro minor. Newly registered in April 2019 - let's hope they can get it up and flying again soon - appears to have a 915iS
  13. Steve_UK

    Cavalon passes ship #400

    Two new recent registrations in the USA feature Cavalons ( SxS enclosed ) passing the 400 threshold - factory serials 402 and 403 as follows, #402 N104MA registered 4th June 2019 to Texas #403 N6379G registered 30th May 2019 to Nevada #398 recently arrived in the UK
  14. Steve_UK

    N50512 Sparrow Hawk - Utah

    The FAA ASIAS summary refers to an incident on 15-5-19 at Nephi, Utah and states CRASHED DUE TO UNK CIRCUMSTANCES During taxying - injuries unknown - damage unknown The FAA register suggests this registration is currently a reservation with expiry in 2018 - maybe renewal in process...
  15. Steve_UK

    N925AG AR-1 - Texas

    The FAA ASIAS summary shows the following for 4th May 2019 at New Caney, Texas, N925AG AR-1 - EMERGENCY DESCENT (EMG) STRUCK TREE WHILE TURNING TO AVOID MOBILE HOME PARK DURING EMERGENCY LANDING Injury and damage unknown
  16. Steve_UK

    N857UV Tango 2 - Illinois

    The FAA ASIAS tells us Tango 2 N857UV, "CRASHED LANDED ON A PRIVATE STRIP" with no injuries to pilot and substantial damage to the gyrocopter. This is is a very new machine being registered in April 2019
  17. Steve_UK

    New Tercel registered in Canada 4.19

    Newly registered this week in Canada is brand new AAT Tercel C-FMGJ - this is serial #290 and has gone to the Quebec region ( #286 went to Germany, #287 to Thailand )
  18. Steve_UK

    Magni - Gyro #1200 - Aero 2019

    At the recent Aero 2019 general aviation trade show held at Fredrichshafen in Germany, Magni exhibited three gyros as follows M24 - this is the 1200th Magni gyro - has a 915iS M22 - this is serial #1199, also has 915iS M16 - G-KTCH this M16 is currently on a round the World flight, left the...
  19. Steve_UK

    AR-1 N923DJ Texas 15-12-18

    The FAA ASIAS states AR-1 GYROCOPTER LANDED HARD STRIKING PROP AND DAMAGING ROTOR at Anahuac, injures nil damage substantial
  20. Steve_UK

    Texas - 2nd October - Berryville

    KETK and Sheriff Botie Hillhouse tells us ...................... thankfully appears minor