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  1. KenSandyEggo

    Picking Rotor Blades!

    Easiest and best Sportcopter, tell them what you are flying, send in check, wait for blades, install them and go fly with no adjustments, worries, shake, shimmy or hop. Above from experience.
  2. KenSandyEggo

    Another Icon passes

    Met Ed at a Flabob fly-in many years ago. Ed was very gracious and let me park my RAF in his hangar for a week after I nursed her in with a bad ignition unit and couldn't fly out until I replaced it, along with Ed's help. Rest in peace, Ed.
  3. KenSandyEggo

    Our double engine gyroplane!

    "We do not want to stand by and allow them to make some of the same dangerous mistakes that have been made here with some previous builds….and it is obvious that some of their gyros do not have an HS." One "self-educated expert" here says that they're not needed. I bet all those guys that...
  4. KenSandyEggo

    Ea-81 and 100LL

    Some people with Soobs that ran 100LL consistently have had serious valve damage after awhile. There's also an additive to scavenge the lead from gas. Can't think of the name right now, but you should probably carry it with if you run a tank of 100LL.
  5. KenSandyEggo

    engine running hot

    If my lotto tickets come through for me and I can afford to move back to San Diego..
  6. KenSandyEggo

    engine running hot

    Had the same problem. After consulting the gauge maker, was told to ground the temp gauge by itself somewhere. The temp gauge does not like shared grounds. It can be on the same ground bar, just not attached to any other grounds from other instruments or radios. I went through the same...
  7. KenSandyEggo


    Hi Jim, Would you believe that he'll be 15 in December? He's as tall as me and wears a size 12 shoe! Just started high school and is taking honors classes. We're still "rescuing" him. His parents are worse than ever. I'll see if I can find newer pic.
  8. KenSandyEggo


    Just found my old user name and password. Now how do I cancel the one I opened today? See? I'm back to 3,648 posts.
  9. KenSandyEggo


    Couldn't find my old account, user name and password, so I just re-registered. Stefanos is now 14 and just started high school. Hot dog business cost me my McCulloch J2 and I'm still digging my way out. It was a money pit after Wachovia went tits up and started laying everyone off and closing...
  10. KenSandyEggo


    My instructor, who was 400 miles away, was the closest gyro-head that I knew of. There were a few illegal desert pilots around, but that wasn't too encouraging. I had about 40 hours of dual before the flight. I didn't have any other choice if I wanted to fly. My gyro was identical to my...
  11. KenSandyEggo


    Not too many CFIs are going to let you solo in their gyro that they use for instruction and maybe make a living with. I took my lessons 400 miles from home, was signed off for solo, came back home and my first solo flight was also my gyro's maiden flight (2 birds with 1 stone). A little...
  12. KenSandyEggo

    Finally, a prerotator that gets 200 RRPM!

    Let's see...I haven't posted in a couple of weeks.....ha-ha, but this thread interested me. (I do visit almost daily). I pretty much solved the twisting mast problem when using a high rpm pre-rotator. Remove those 3 pieces of aluminum from between the plates and replace them with a one-piece...
  13. KenSandyEggo

    Kenny J's Remnants For Sale

    Greetings from the cloudy side. I have some "Stuff" for sale that I no longer have a need for. I'll add photos to this post. First photo is of 3 Sigtronics headsets that I used, 2 adult and one child's that is still like new. The adult's just need to be wiped off. They work fine. I lost...
  14. KenSandyEggo

    Hi Tony, This is the first time I've logged onto the Forum in years and just saw your message...

    Hi Tony, This is the first time I've logged onto the Forum in years and just saw your message. E-mail me at [email protected] if you still need some photos or anything from my rusty memory bank. Ken
  15. KenSandyEggo

    Gyros Don't Like Mud

    Hmmmmm...sounds familiar Hmmmmm...sounds familiar A sad day for me and my brand new Sportcopter blades amongst other items.
  16. KenSandyEggo

    McCulloch J-2 for Sale

    $50,000 J2? $50,000 J2? I've been in contact with John. I initially told him I thought he'd have a hard time, as most go around 30K. After looking at the photos he sent me and the extras that come with it, if I had 50K it would already be on the way to him. He has parts that are impossible...
  17. KenSandyEggo

    Future Prediction of Presidential Election & other garbage.

    JazzenJohn, RayTork and Sir real........salute for intelligent discourse. :usa2: Can't believe some of the crap I've read in this thread. (And that's all I'm sayin' on this topic. :argue:
  18. KenSandyEggo

    External Fuel Tanks on RAF?

    RAF Add-0n Tanks RAF Add-0n Tanks This is a photo of an aluminum tank that I was about to install on my RAF/Sparrowhawk on each side when I owned it. I had the logistics figured out. One tank would be slightly smaller than the other one because of the engine layout on each side and bumping...
  19. KenSandyEggo

    aussie -paul.....

    My uncle was in rehab...hasn't had a drink in weeks. Glad you're up and about, you crusty old curmudgeon. Been following your progress since the mishap, and knew you were too crusty and mean not to recover.
  20. KenSandyEggo

    RAFs & RAF Parts For Sale or Wanted.

    "Offered at 35K" KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Please ship to Charlotte, NC ASAP, Walker. Here's an extra one for shipping. K