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  1. Gyro-nut

    SportCopter build

    Here's a quick link to my time lapse shots of a sport copter lightning build. :whoo: All the sub-assemblies were completed prior to the final assembly (otherwise it would have been 5 hrs of me just standing in one spot... pretty boring :) The photos were taken in 5 minute increments... do the...
  2. Gyro-nut

    Modifying an Air Command

    Hello gang, I have a gent interested in buying my little A/C 447, but he weighs in at a hefty 260 lbs. Now, I know there's a lot more 'technical' folks out there than myself so I thought I'd ask the question for him. Any ideas on whether this little frame could even be modified to hold a man...
  3. Gyro-nut

    Your thoughts on 2 place plans

    Where to begin.... I currently have in my possession an 447A/C and a twinstarr (both of which are up for sale in the classifieds... hint, hint :boink: ) If I am successful in selling both, my plan is to build from scratch a 2 place machine that will be powered by a mazda 13B (I plan on keeping...
  4. Gyro-nut

    Gyro liquidation sale

    Everything must go to make room for the new 2008 models..... 447 A/C w/skywheels Partially built Twinstarr with RAF blades, instruments, mazda rotary 13B These deals are Hot, Hot, HOT :) They make the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone :D See classifieds section for photos and...
  5. Gyro-nut

    Another 447 for sale

    See classifieds section...
  6. Gyro-nut

    New ultralight design

    I'm putting this under the Builders Corner because.... well... I built it :) I would like to introduce a totally new and very original ultralight design. I call it the Dominic.. it's initial departure time was 1546 on 11/ weighs in at 7lbs 12oz and has the ability to carry a lot a...
  7. Gyro-nut

    More Mentone Photos

    Here's a series of photo's I took at Mentone... some good; some not-so good. If anyone would like the full size photo sent to them, just let me know.
  8. Gyro-nut

    Howdy from Indy

    The first (and more than likely only) person to post for Chapter 34. If any of ya'll plan on swinging by Indy, let me know and I'll give ya the tour of the.... uh.... corn fields :)
  9. Gyro-nut

    Fun in the Sun(day)

    Photos 'o the day: Pretty nice weather here today in good ol Indiana. Went out about 15 miles from Putnam county airport to a grass strip SE of Greencastle and took a few pictures along the way... 1) Scenery 2) Flying buddy 3) Another shot of my flying buddy 4) Scenery
  10. Gyro-nut

    Rebuilding the 13B

    Well, I've finally found the time to start rebuilding the '91 13B rotary for my twinstarr :D I've attached a few photos in the next couple posts to show the progress so far. 1) Removal of the intake and alternator 2) Removal of the oil pan 3) removal of the flywheel 4) removal of the rear housing
  11. Gyro-nut

    Does this make me look PHAT?

    Hello all, I'd like to introduce you to the newest addition to our family. I'm not sure what I'll name her yet, but I'm sure it'll come to me through the rest of the building process. The story: I picked up this kit yesterday with the help of Gary Goldsberry. I feel I need to say you won't...
  12. Gyro-nut

    New Rotary on the block

    Check out this new little engine.... 24 combustion events per revolution and 1 hp/.075 lbs. I can only imagine how quiet and balanced this engine must be - impressive! Between this and the opoc... I can't wait to see what's next.
  13. Gyro-nut

    The good 'ol days

    Remeber the good 'ol days when this forum was about flying gyro's and helping others learn about gyro's? Wow, those days were nice... I learned a lot and really got hooked on the sport. I'd like to thank all of those who helped with my questions and gave good advice. It's unfortunate that...
  14. Gyro-nut

    Gyro Widow's point of view

    Just had an email chat with my wife while at work; made me laugh so I though I'd share - it went something like this: From gyro-nut: I just took my annual hearing test. They’ve really improved the testing process thru the use of brainwave technology. My test results showed that I have very...
  15. Gyro-nut

    Walk for a cure

    Dear Gyro-Friends, Do you know what I'm doing this October? Saving lives. But I need your help to do it. I'm participating in an American Cancer Society event called Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, and I'm hoping that you will support me with a donation. This event is a non-competitive...
  16. Gyro-nut

    Takeoff crabbing...

    Hello all, there's a gentleman in Indy who recently purchased a used RAF. These machine has gone through a set of blades due to blade flap and I believe has been on it's side prior to this purchase.:eek: I was asking a lot of questions today and he stated he has to fly with the stick almost...
  17. Gyro-nut

    Help with Math conversion

    Hey folks, from another thread I was discussing some different options for RRPM. Well, I think my CHT and EGT are shot.... so I purchased a discounted go-kart multigauge today. It has CHT/EGT/Tach (from sparkplug wire)/MPH. I would like to use the Speedometer as my RRPM. Currently it's a...
  18. Gyro-nut

    Go kart instrument pod????

    Does anybody use or know if a go-kart instrument pod will work on a gyro? I'm assuming (the mother of all things bad) that it would work with no problem. It's a quad gauge (EGT,CHT,RPM,MPH). the MPH consists of roughly a 3 inch plastic tube with 2 long thin magnets in the plastic that is...
  19. Gyro-nut

    Safety wired rudder pedels?!?

    Need some opinions... and I know there's plenty out there :D I safety wired my rudder pedels in case of a rudder cable break. The way the A/C is set up, you have the potential to loose control of your nose wheel if one of the rudder cables happen to snap. I know I'd have a lot more on my...
  20. Gyro-nut

    Prerotator and push rods...

    Hello all and thanks for the past answers to questions... but trust me, there'll be many more to come :) This really is just an awesome place to get opinions, share ideas, and pick each brains :rolleyes: The knowledge base here is second to none! Here's my new question(s): I...