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    Beautiful Saturday in the PNW for flying

    Yesterday we had a beautiful, cool day to fly with little wind. I figure I'm gonna get every bit of enjoyment out of N73GK before it finds a new home. ( It was clear, but there was still a little haze in the air, especially when looking south, in the...
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    VanCraft gyro for sale

    VanCraft is the predecessor of the Sport Copter Vortex. Contact Clint directly, not me. FOR SALE VanCraft GYROPLANE Registered as LIGHT SPORT GYROPLANE, complete with digital Electric Instrument Panel, 503 Rotax Engine, Hydraulic Brakes, semi-enclosed Cabin, and Custom Trailer...
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    Flight from Pearson, Vancouver WA

    PRA 73 participated in the NWACC fly-in at Pearson airfield, just across the river from Portland International airport. That fact made flying in a little unique. We had to stage all flights in to Pearson just north of Vancouver Lake. We had to contact Portland Tower on 119.0 so they could...
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    Best Birthday gift ever in an R22

    I just got back from one of the most exciting flying experiences I can ever remember. My wife and her best friend paid for an hour helicopter instruction for my birthday. Today I cashed it in. I have always wondered how much of my 330 hours of gyro experience would transfer to a helicopter...
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    Highly Improved RAF 2000 For Sale

    S-O-L-D to Tom Dunno in Van Wert, OH. Highly-improved RAF 2000 GTX SE 2.2 FI
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    Did some shadow chasing today

    We had some great spring weather today. Couldn't resist heading to my favorite stretch of farm fields and getting down on the deck. and
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    Cross-Country Oregon/Washington

    I haven't been doing much flying or posting lately, so I'm getting way behind others in showing off our local flying. On Saturday I flew from Lenhardt 7s9 near Hubbard, Oregon to Goheen W52 near Battle Ground, Washington. Brock Steiner was hosting our PRA 73 meeting in his hangar. Our...
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    Winter Flying in Ory-gun

    I haven't posted much for a while. I found out that my cell phone can take some not-too-bad photos, so I'll post them here. Yesterday I played hookey from work in the afternoon since we had a break from the rain (50's and sunny after the fog broke). Blurry picture of GPS showing a ground...
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    2005 SparrowHawk FOR SALE

    I am posting this for Larry Lewis from Ory-gun. Please contact him directly. SparrowHawk - Built 2005. Flown once by CFI. Subaru 2.5L. FAA inspected. No License. Lost interest. Currently being stored in my garage. Asking $19,000. Larry (OR) [email protected]
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    custom RFI-150 built for heavy load

    S-O-L-D Here is a write up our PRA73 Chapter president wrote about one of our past-member's gyro, which is now for sale. (past member Rick Hicks) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I am sorry to say a while back Rick and his wife got into a car wreck when...
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    My First YouTube post

    I played hooky from the PRA73 chapter meeting today so I could work on a home project. But I thought I better get out and keep up the flying skills. After touring the area for over an hour I went to my favorite open-farm-country and chased my shadow. See it at...
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    Enclosed 24' cargo trailer for Gyro Hauling

    S-O-L-D 2/1/09 Thinking about selling my 2000 Wells Cargo 24' cargo trailer that is just sitting. I insulated it and added paneling to the inside along with some windows. I also put in electrical outlets and lights. I built my gyro in there. After the gyro was finished I closed off the...
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    Flying SparrowHawk - asking $23000

    S-O-L-D 12/2/08 Please do not respond to me. I'm posting this for Larry Lewis: SparrowHawk Scappoose, OR Asking $23,000 SPARROWHAWK Built 2005. Flown once by CFI. Subaru 2.5L. FAA inspected. No License. Lost interest. Call Larry 503-984-0447 (OR) [email protected]
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    Newly Rebuilt KB2-Asking 3,500

    I am posting this for Clint. Call him if you have questions... Includes Rotax 503 dual carb engine with new 4-blade prop. All-flying tail, new horizontal stab with winglets. 23 foot RotorDyne blades. Located in Scappoose, OR. Call Clint Martindale with any questions (503-775-7372).
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    Interested in gyro ultralight around $10K?

    Some of us were standing around talking with Jim Vanek after our PRA73 meeting, and he asked us if we would be interested in an ultralight machine that came in around $10K or under (which is just an educated guess at this point, because the cost of a Rotax varies from week-to-week as the $ value...
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    Some Ory-gun pictures -to PRA73 mtg

    Saturday was a great day to fly to Scappoose for the PRA73 meeting. First and second shot is of Benjamin Meyers (flying alongside) with Lake Oswego in the background. He just recently became a Private Pilot Rotorcraft:Gyroplane pilot via Ron Menzie. The other two shots are the colorful gyro...
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    PRA 73 meeting at Lenhardt (7S9)

    Saturday our PRA Chapter 73 did something different by meeting at a location other than Scappoose. The weather was great, and the facilities were perfect (lots of green grass). I started out the morning by flying down towards Salem, to meet up with Benjamin Meyers (from Creswell, OR) in the...
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    Is there really a Gas Shortage?

    Here's an interesting perspective from an automotive / oil writer from Texas. It's in two installments and very interesting. -------------------------------------------------------- VIEWPOINT April 1, 2008, 3:41PM EST There Is No Gas Shortage But Washington, Wall Street, and ethanol and oil...
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    Found a flying buddy to PRA73 meeting

    Benjamin flew his RAF2000 1.5 hours north from Creswell to meet me at Lenhardt. From there we flew to Scappoose to the PRA73 meeting and BBQ. First shot is when we were on our way north to Scappoose, which was about a .8 hour flight. Next shot was one over my shoulder, out my RAF2000 top...
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    Trip to PRA73 meeting

    We had a perfect weather window 2/9 that coincided with the PRA73 meeting in Scappoose OR. So, I got to fly to the meeting. When I took off at Lenhardt, the weather was severe clear. I climbed up to 1800 ft to pass over the cities of Tigard and Beaverton. From the first picture you can see...