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    Conroe Tx Breakfast Flyin

    Pictures from the Conroe Tx gyro breakfast flyin. The flight of 8 departure was quite the show for all
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    Rotax with two mufflers on the MTO

    I've noticed some Rotax 912 gyros have two exhaust mufflers. The standard Large Rotax muffler, followed by a skinny muffler. I'm wondering how much the second muffler reduces noise, and how much power it cost. Is the second muffler an AutoGyro only thing?
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    Mad Max Road Warrior

    I saw "The Road Warrior" in 1984. It was the first time I saw a gyro and knew I had to fly one one day. Now, I want to know more about the gyro in the Mad Max movie. What is its story. Is it a Benson derivative?
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    Design Quality AutoGyro, ELA, Magni, Silverlight

    I'm considering taking the plunge and buying a gyro. My wife is pushing for an enclosed version. Basically that leaves Autogyro, ELA, Magni, and Silverlight. One thing I really have not been able to get a handle on is the quality of the design and hardware used for the builds across various...
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    Hey, I'm in that video

    Someone asked if they could film me at a fly-in this weekend. I never really expected to find it on the web.
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    Magni's at Apache Pass TX

    I flew to Apache Pass yesterday for the Flyin. Someone got a video of my take off.
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    Off field landing for fuel. Legal?

    I'm just wondering about the legalities of landing off field for a fuel stop. Assuming its not an emergency, would it be legal to land in a remote area and taxi up to a fuel pump. To make the question concrete, consider taking off from Alpine Tx (E38) and heading south to Big Bend. The...
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    Rotax vs Lycoming

    It seems all the new euro gyros come with a Rotax 914 (or 912) engine. Looking through some of the on line adds, it seems plenty of used 160 to 200 hp Lycoming and Continental engines are available at far less cost then a Rotax. I'm curious if there are any modern gyros using a Lycoming or...
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    Why no US certified gyros

    I've seen it said that there will be no LSA certified gyros in the USA. Why is this? I'm sure the question has come up before, but a quick search didn't get me the answer.
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    Taking off is hard

    Just had my second gyroplane lesson. The Magni M16 flys like a dream. Landing is really pretty easy. Taking off is quite a bit harder.
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    Air and Space 18A

    I've been wanting a 2 place gyro, and find that my price point (around $40K) doesn't get me into a 2 place modern eruo gyro. I keep hoping, but its not happening. And then yesterday I found an Air and Space 18A for sale at $50K. Its a certified gyro. And it can do a jump start, which seems...
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    I want a Gyro. What to buy?

    Hi Everyone. I've been a long time lurker, but I think this is the first time I've posted. Anyway, I flew a Magni M16 last week and loved the experience. Now I want a Gyro. :) Unfortunately I'm having trouble finding a financial fit. I'd like a two place enclosed gyro. Something with a...