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    OIL for MTO

    Hello Our summer is very hot , I noticed my MTO oil temperature is close to red edge during cruise . any recommended oil brand or specifications for hot area ?
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    MTO cockpit instrument

    Hello Is there a way to make the MTO cockpit instrument gauges lights on continuously ?:rolleyes:
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    MTO Garmin pilot 796

    Hello Can I access the Garmin 796 maps and draw a restricted area box if I have the four coordinates points ? :typing:
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    My new MTO

    This is my new MTO Sport :plane::plane:
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    Arrowcopter just arrived

    Today the Arrowcopter was assembled :plane: It looks amazing but 145k €:Cry:
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    MTO sport or Calidus

    I'm planing to get auto-gyro MTOsport or maybe Calidus . I didn't like the Calidus passenger seat , I feel the view is not like open cockpit as the MTO . what about the engine , shall I get the Rotax turbo or none turbo ? Thanks
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    MTO Cockpit

    Hello Along to the basic instruments on the MTO Cockpit , What are others instruments nice/must to have ?
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    My fisrt training day on MTO

    Hello Today was my second day of practical training , I finished the ground school . My flying instructor put me in the front seat MTO-Sport . He showed me the walk around checklist then pref light procedure , I was bit hesitated to set in front honestly for the first lesson :angel: but I...