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    DiNelly Unveiled

    Every story has two sides ... In fact (and this fact is a real fact and not an imaginary one) I was a member of the last irregular (not regular) Munich round table (not an international one). Yes, there had been 6 friends meeting in a typical and well known Bavarian restaurant in the vicinity...
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    Real world performance for the MTO sport?

    I noted this statement right now - it explains the reason for this safety measurement. But still the revision 4.0 of the Flight Manual is valid telling something different: framework and rotor system "have to be replaced" !!! So we have 2 different statements from the same manufacturer. I...
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    Real world performance for the MTO sport?

    Hi, Kai! Please go to MTOsport manufacturer's homepage: for supports and downloads. Click on the "MTOsport Flughandbuch 4.0" PDF file (= Pilot's operating handbook) Go to page 8.1 There it clearly says: Rahmen Der Rahmen ist nach 1500...
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    Real world performance for the MTO sport?

    Hi, Vance! Especially in flight schools you may find gyros with 1500+ hrs! I learned on a Magni M19 having 1700 hours several years ago. It had its second Engine but still the first framework. As we say in Germany: You will learn riding on old horses! :) Holger
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    JT-5B Autogyro

    Thanks, Mark! Perhaps I was a little bit to "offending" - but before bying my machine I really tried hard to get reliable information from Hirth engine owners and pilots. But I only got very few personal experienced feedbacks. In my opinion there is no doubt: no smoke without fire. Therefore I...
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    JT-5B Autogyro

    Hi, Mark! I am concerned that I didn't point out that there are great differences between the original JT-5 from Jukka Tervamaki built in 1973 ( ) and the 2009 GyroTec DF02. The JT-5 was equipped with "... a Limbach Motorenbau converted 1 700cc VW...
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    European / other forums

    Hi, Tony! Perhaps you also do not spreak German, so I have another two forums for you: and :rolleyes:, Holger
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    EUROPE – Xavier Averso (France) “Stella” Aluminium Extruded Blades - questions

    Hi, TNVD According to your question if I know someone with a two-seater gyro and a Stella rotor: Yes, I do - but not personally. In the German forum there is one colleague which uses Stella rotor blades on his homebuild gyro. I'm not sure if he can answer if you contact him by PN (= personal...
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    EUROPE – Xavier Averso (France) “Stella” Aluminium Extruded Blades - questions

    Hi, TNVD! I have Averso Stella blades on my DF02 from GyroTec ( ). I am very glad with my pair of those: relatively high inertia, low vibrations. They are fulfilling my expectations - what more can I say? I only can compare them with two 2005 Sportcopter blades that had been...
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    JT-5B Autogyro

    Hi, Evangelus! I only know the JT5 from Jukka's homepage and from some videos. I like the design so much that I decided to fly one of it's state-of-the-art "grandchildren". have a look at my GyroTec DF02 ( ): According JT-5 I can give you no better advice than Twistair. I'm also...
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    what made you wanna fly gyros?

    I like the question "What made you wanna fly gyros?". So I went back in my memories and found my 4 step approach: Phase 1: I saw "Little Nellie" and found Juan de la Cierva and Pitcairn in some aviation history books. In an Austrian Newspaper in 1980 I found an article about Otto Frank, one of...
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    Boston to San Diego in a gyro.

    Hi, Chris and Robert! Great to read how your dreams (better: plans) are coming true. Reading your daily postings keeps me with you on this tour and I really hope that I will be able to do a similar "adventure" in one of the next years. (I only have to find some friends who can carry a part of...
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    Boston to San Diego in a gyro.

    Hi! I just changed from IE (empty map powered by students in Salzburg) for Opera (fully functional map). It seems to be a real improvement even when I have to get used to it first! Robert & Chris: it's great to see your dream come true. Sitting in my office your reports and now also the...
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    Pal-v Hi, all! Yes, you're right: the thing flying is a Calidus gyrocopter, the thing on the road is a PL-V (so a PAL-V without "Air": a Personal Land Vehicle)! I heard rumors about some kind of collaboration / know how transfer between PAL-V (Dutch) and HTC (German) - but I'm not sure about...
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    Speyer and Heidelberg

    Hi, Kai! This world is yet very small! I think I saw you in the afternoon during this trip while I was visiting my auntie in Schriesheim. But I didn't recognize you. I guess you also didn't see me sitting in a garden in front of a chinese restaurant. Can you give me a hint how you produced...
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    My Aero trade fair report

    @ Walter! So sorry that we didn't meet this time - but nevertheless there was quite a lot of German Gyro Forum members who met regularily in these 4 days. I talked with about 25 gyro pilots, some of them I had met several times before at "Tannkosh", Gelnhausen, Fertöszentmiklos (Hungary), and...
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    Gyro on Trailer flying

    Hi, Arnie! I'm just answering instead of Michael (MiO) because I know that he is very busy nowadays doing all the preparations for the Aero 2009 in Friedrichshafen from 2. to 5. April: I also know the story of this "Plan B" photo: it was...
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    Unknown 2-seater video

    Hi, Brun! I completely agree with you about the location except the typo in the name if the airfield: Gabrovnitza Air Base (ICAO code: Z07K) * Inactive * Also spelled Gabrovnitsa. Located in north western Bulgaria, near Montana. Date when built not known - 1950s? Initally home to the 11th...
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    First little independent Gyro Fly-in in Germany

    Hi! I'm also very enthusiastic about the DF02 from GyroTec - so enthusiastic that I already ordered one of the first serial machines several months ago. I also flew with this machine last year in France and you can find my report under this thread...
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    To the sun and back (story without photos)

    Thanks for your report! Thanks for your report! Hi, Chris! You already told me about your trip so I looked for the report of your trip and after reading it right now: I like it! I had been living in Graz (in Styria/Austria, only 30 min north of Maribor) from 1976 until 1999 and the Slovenian...