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    Radio Communications Made Easy, VFR Edition

    I no longer need this book. Made learning how to communicate with the tower really easy. $15.00 plus shipping and I'll include an ASA VFR Metal knee board. What others are saying about "Aviation Radio Communications Made Easy": "Wonderful! Makes communications a snap. Takes out all the...
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    RAF 2000 For Sale

    I am offering my 2003 RAF 2000 for sale. It is a regular flyer with 302 hours, a Don Parham Horizontal Stabilizer mounted on a 24" keel extension. The engine was replaced in 2007 with a newly rebuilt EJ22 purchase from Colorado Component Rebuilders. At that time, the heads were milled giving...
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    Raf 2000 gyroplane

    I'm offering my modified RAF for sale here and on Barnstormers. I've flown this machine for eight years and loved it. But, I've also yearned for a single seat machine and have found one that suits my purpose. As soon as I sell this baby, I'll get a new baby. Here is the ad that is now on...
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    EJ-22 Subaru Eletrical Issue

    While flying today, my temperature gauge showed an abnormally high reading. I landed immediately and noticed as I turned my nav lights off, the gauge returned to its normal position. That led me to confirm that switching the nav lights on and off caused the temperature gauge, and to a lesser...
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    Water in crankcase

    Help! This is not a gyro installation but since many have experience with VW engines, I'm asking for some help here. My VW powered kit car's rear end was sticking out of my garage during a major rain storm. When I cranked it this morning, an oily mess was being pushed out of the crankcase...
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    Our military might

    A glimpse at the latest and greatest....
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    Small World

    I was on the beach in South Walton with a friend who flys a paramotor PPG and met the son of Michael Solano. While I never met Mike, I know he was very active in the gyro world at Air Command and perhaps others as well. These machines look like fun but nowhere near as much as my gyro!
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    Stairway From Heaven

    This is fabulous! If I had the room and the bucks, I'd have this in my house. Stan, would you build it for me? Tommy
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    Tech Support

    This isn't gyro related but was just too good not to pass along. My HP printer malfunctioned this morning and my usual pissing and moaning didn't get it going so I called HP. it is still under warranty and when the tech rep couldn't get it going either, he immediately instituted a N/C...
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    Stick Shake

    With Tim Chick on the ground with a radio, I flew several patterns in my recently acquired Air Command Elite yesterday. There is a tremendous deference in handling between this light and maneuverable gyro compared to my modified RAF. It's going to take some getting used to but that's why I...
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    I just got a GoPro for my birthday. A little early but that's a good thing. The operation seems pretty straight forward but I have two questions that some may already have experience with. There are several video recording modes but the highest quality mode seems to be 1080p and 1080i. What's...
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    Bensen Days - Lost and Found

    As I was loading up to leave, my bicycle seems to have gone missing. I lent it to someone and I don't know where he left it. If anyone found an orphaned bicycle, please let me know. Thanks, Tommy
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    Great weather resource

    I've not seen this on the forum before but I recently discovered a tremendous resource for weather information. It was created for balloonists and gives wind speed and direction from the ground upwards in small increments. According to the creator: " draws its information from NOAA...
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    Trouble shooting

    During pre-rotation, I noticed the clutch was chattering, a lot. Enough to cause the mast to vibrate, a lot. I adjusted the travel of the pre-rotator cable recently and I thought the chattering may be just my getting used to the new configuration. But, the big issue is that it just didn't feel...
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    Air Command Specs

    Does anyone know the VN numbers for an Air Command Elite. This one has 24' Rotor Hawk blades and an E81. Thanks Tommy
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    Air Command Prerotating Technique

    I recently acquired an Air Command Elite. It has an Amax redrive and a prerotator that is different from my RAF. The prerotator is driven by friction between the Gates belt and the black rubber puck. The Gates belt was brand new when I got the machine and after only 10 or 12 prerotations, the...
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    Subaru cooling problem

    My EJ22 temperature gauge usually runs slightly to the right of 200. Today, it crept up to 250 on the gauge, possibly higher as the needle was on the pin. I was about 3 miles from my strip so I slowed as much as possible and made it back. It ran at this temperature for about 10 minutes. I...
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    Broken bracket

    I'm 99% sure this was not broken during my pre-flight. It damn near slapped me in the face during my post-flight. This is the bracket that penetrates the rear of the cabin and I assume anchors the fuel tank to the mast. All of my 5 landings today were smooth, heard nothing pop and felt nothing...
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    Popular Science Ad

    This is what got me started some 60 years ago.......
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    The coolest Experimental Ever

    Okay, so its not me but still very cool!