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    After the storm

    After the storm rolled through SW Wisconsin
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    Helmet / com recommendations?

    I can be long winded, so I'll just get to the point here. I'm looking for a good helmet / com. I have a Tango2 gyro. I'm looking for better sound quality, ear protection and comfort. My crappy old headset that fits under the helmet just doesn't cut it in the high noise environment. Also, I don't...
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    Shout out to Tango-Gyro!

    After originally meeting in Mentone, I just spent the past few days meeting with Alex and Paul from Tango Gyro (father and son business), visiting the assembly shop in Roswell GA, and going to the Cedartown airport to see and fly the finished product. First off, I want to thank Alex and Paul...
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    New guy with lots of questions

    Hello All, I'm so glad to have found this forum. To make a long story short... I got my Private and Instrument years ago (20+) Owned a few fixed wings over a few years. I quit flying when my kids were born (for the usual reasons). FF 18 years... Last summer I took up hang gliding and had a...