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  1. Gyro Gerry

    Sparrowhawk rotorhead

    The slider on my SparrowHawk rotor head has a metal plate on each side that keeps the slider pin centered and one of them broke. Does anyone know if these metal plates are spring steel or just aircraft steel that I can buy at Wick's aircraft supply.
  2. Gyro Gerry

    SparrowHawk Accident Preliminary Report

    Well, here is the preliminary report that was published today by the NTSB. As I feared, there are no details as to the cause of the accident...
  3. Gyro Gerry

    Gerry Loeser's SparrowHawk builder's log

    Hi guys. I have posted my entire builder's log on a website called expercraft if any of you are interested in viewing it to help you along with the assembly of your SparrowHawk kit. This website helped me during my build process when I had questions and I was able to see how another builder put...
  4. Gyro Gerry

    EJ22 oil temp

    Hey Stan. I fixed my oil temp problem. My water temp runs about 170 degrees and the oil temp is about 230. I installed a 47 ohm resistor in line on the oil temp wire like you suggested and my oil temp now reads about 185 degrees with the water temp at 170. That's more like it. Thanks, Gerry