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    air command exchange

    Hi All, I have a compleate brand new airframe for tha air command made up.. incl, side tanks (2)... a seat tank (1) a tail also a pod along with wheel pans...there is no engine or prop with this it is a new build! aircraft grade alloy used! now what i am looking for... an exchange.... i...
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    Air comand

    Hi All, Did anyone see the reprt for the air comand form the Glasgow university as to weather this was going to be permitted in the UK..below is a report i last saw on the air comand..what happened with the UK peritt?? As a result of this the British Rotorcraft Association, in support of UK...
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    Help Wanted

    Hi All, I am trying to find out who is the pilot in the picture... or any information on this aircraft..or where it is... The registration is G-WGYR someone on here hopefully knows!.... It is not on the british register! Have you seen this Aircraft! or the pilot! Do you know the pilot! any...
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    Loading trailers

    hi all, just a few questions! Are we breaking the law by towing the gyrocopter on the trailer with the rotors still on the aircraft..even though the trailer has been made to carry the gyro with rotors conected to the head..i have enclose a pic..would i be able to tow this as it is rotors...
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    John Deere

    Hi All, has anybody got any info...i am wanting a bend for the J.D. 4040 S. canadian import..the part is marked..1 Exhaust bend to turbo!...110hp
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    windscreen marks and scratches

    Hi, Can anybody suggest a solution for getting the scratches out of the windscreen these are not deep scratches! but when the sun is on the screen it looks realy bad! it has been cleaned before in a circular motion... according to the scratches...must have been cleaned before while it was...
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    A Interesting Question

    Hi All, Doe anybody know are we allowed to fly a.. RAF Flag used as a windsock ? there are people saying yes you can ...and some saying no you cant.. so i am looking forward to the replies on here! O Yes I am not in the Royal Air Force but a Keen supporter...Answers please? gary...
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    waiting for the new toy cupboard!

    hi chaps, some pics of the toys in the borrowed hangar!.....waiting now for mine to be erected!...waiting for permitts on both aircraft!..the blue and white thing in the pics is the one thats causing problems with inspection rings and covers....:rolleyes:...i know you guys like pics!
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    Flying Helmet

    Hi Chaps, for sale MK3 Flight helmet on ebay! If anyone on here(member)is wanting the helmet i will post at costs! EBAY NO 110536754239 4 hours to go! regards gary NOW...... SOLD.
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    fly fishing

    hi chaps, just for a break i went fly fishing today! it was a rainy day! well..I caught two sea trout about a 1LB and a grillse around 2LB so i had a good day on a sea loch! i am using a shakespear rod pretty good all the fish here was caught on a blue teal fly!if any of you guys on here ever...
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    Radio Gear narco for sale

    Hi Chaps, I have for sale a handheld Narco HT830 along with 2 pairs of headsets with standard jacks also a intercom box and charger remember i am in the UK so postage would cost you..interested parties email sensible offers ... regards gary Now.......SOLD..SOLD..SOLD
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    Wanted Aicraft Hangar

    Hi All, Is there anybody on the P.R.A forum from the Uk... who has any contacts as to obtaining a Hangar i am looking for around 30ftx40ftx12 to eves will pay cash and dismantle(Looking for a second hand Unit)....any help will be appreciated! gary BMA.LAA.PRA............:plane:
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    Wanted polyfibre

    Hi,All if anyone has any polytack spare and is willing to sell ...i will be pleased to hear from you..... also after the grey ultraviolet primer sorry chaps its for a challenger II aircraft... getting it ready for the permitt! please be aware i am in the UK..will pay costs Gary...
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    Rotor Length

    Hi All, Can anyone tell me.. when you measure the rotors do you count the hub bar in as the blade length.. as from tip of rotor to tip of rotor + hubar measures 26ft 10.1/2 inches does this sound right the blades are alloy made by rotorhawk thanks! from an apprentice! G...
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    Death from a Gyrocopter! Update

    hi all, Just an update for the interested parties! An animal rights enthusiast who piloted a gyrocopter which killed a hunt supporter was today cleared of manslaughter. Warwickshire Hunt member Trevor Morse died on March 9 last year when he was struck by the blade of a gyrocopter at Long...
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    Do We have any CFIs in Scotland UK

    Hi All, Is there any CFIS or Gyro Schools in the north of scotland UK that anybody knows of i seem to draw a blank on this one.I have searched the net to no avail... any help will be appreciated......I am Wanting to get started this summer and looking forward to it Thats If i can find a...
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    EA 81 soob fuel burn please

    HI ALL, Can anybody tell me what the fuel burn is on an EA81 a 72HP soob per hour.. as i have to do the fuel burn in the next week or so!.... and i am trying to find out what would be the average ....fuel burn as galls in 1 hour and on what revs! not for flight just idle on say whatever revs...
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    A Logical Explanation

    Hi, I have Ducks..geese..and when we find the eggs as they are free they lay all over the place..we use the Ducking stool method like they used to find out if a witch was guilty or not if she sank she was O.K if she floated she was guilty!!!! No pun intended ( Ducking...
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    Finding water 2 divining rods

    Hi All, Does anybody know if there was a divining rod test done at any of the fly-ins.. as i understood there was going to be a competition ..i was wanting to see if.. there was anybody who did work these rods! How many did and how many didnt! Did they work or not is the question!! G...
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    flying video

    Hi ALL, I have a flying video for Auction called gyrocopters in Austrailia... if anyone is interested the length is for 120 mins...of various machines.... done in 1995 by a guy called Robert Fidler! make an offer! ...the highest bidder wins on this forum!!! on ending ..and i will donate the...