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    Cleaning out the hanger

    Three bensen gyro frames, one bensen gyro glider frame, three 503 engines one is nonprovisional. One yomer copter body,complete bensen rotor with 2ft & 4 ft hub bars,a special made roll-back trailer for a gyro and blades can be left on using blade racks. Scrap Aluminium, and lots of parts...
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    rotor brake needed

    I would like to put a rotor brake on this head but I'm not sure where to get one from its on a Parsons 2
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    who makes or did make this gyro????

    I have acquired a new gyro that I bought here in Alabama but I have no information on it .Does anybody know or have any pictures of it flying.?
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    Who made this

    I'm trying to find who made this gyro i picked it up from a friend in Alabama.
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    bensen and parsons for sale

    Modified bensen with a 503 rotax. Ernie tall tail. Guage pod with a14 radio,cht,egt,tach,rotor tach,altimeter,airspeed. 24ft. Dragon wings on a trailer with blade rack so you wont haft to take it apart every time you put it up. $7500.00 or best cash offer ......this gyro is ready to go fly...
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    rebuilding benson blades

    I'm trying to find monel revits for a blade that im repairing the number is ms 20615-3m16 or #30 1inch long monel steel revit. I only need 15. If anyone has any or knows where you can get them. I would really app.