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  1. DaveJaksha

    BarnFind Bensen

    You might find the useful. iMazing HEIC Converter is a free utility (available for both Windows and Mac) that can batch-convert HEIC photos to JPEG or PNG format Cheers, Dave
  2. DaveJaksha

    BarnFind Bensen

    Gravityisnotmyfriend, If you are using an iPhone and share an HEIC image with a non-iOS user or a social media site, the image may automatically be converted to JPEG so that it is compatible with the target platform. If you do not want this behavior, or if you would like to continue and use...
  3. DaveJaksha

    Merry Christmas

    Most a good chuckle from that! Good new year to all. Dave
  4. DaveJaksha

    Warodrive hub service bulletin

    Sorry about the typo. I’m old.... Anyway, I don’t seem to be able to edit the title. Cheers, Dave
  5. DaveJaksha


    I have two cans of stuff called “ Cold Fire” which looks like the same stuff. Never had to use it, but it. In the shop incase i need It.
  6. DaveJaksha

    Warodrive hub service bulletin

    I don’t know if this service bulletin applies to any of you guys flyiing warp drive props. This was announced at our EAA Chap81 meeting this morning. It has to do with the hubs used on Continental and Lycombing engines. Here is a link to the service bulletin...
  7. DaveJaksha

    Any Active Forum Members with Classic Vancraft experience?

    Thanks for the info, Kevin. Learned a lot about the Sportcopter prehistory! Dave
  8. DaveJaksha

    HEMS Weather Tool

    Hey, guys. I received an email from the FAA wings program about a seminar on the web (webinars) concerning the use of a web page called HEMS Weather Tool. It is designed for aircraft that typically fly below 5000’. Sounds like it was made for gyros! Here is a link to the webinar signup...
  9. DaveJaksha

    the Yamaha Aircraft Engine Information Thread

    Dinoa, well I don’t know. I have not started the engine yet. I purchased the muffler after reading about the installation in another thread. The muffler is basically a glass pack with a removable baffle. I was looking for a muffler that would fit under the engine. This was short enough to...
  10. DaveJaksha

    the Yamaha Aircraft Engine Information Thread

    Brad, I have a difficult time trying to find anything in old post. But if you start reading on this thread, there are comments on using Super Trap mufflers. Dave
  11. DaveJaksha

    the Yamaha Aircraft Engine Information Thread

    Brad, SuperTrapp is bad. These have a history of plugging up and killing the engine. Search old threads for more information. Here is the muffler I am using...
  12. DaveJaksha

    How are you uploading photos here

    Since a Mac’s hardware is the same as.a PC (Intel or compatible) you can choose to run either Mac or Windows. Apple’s Boot Camp allows you to install Windows alongside macOS on your Mac. Only one operating system can be running at a time, so you’ll have to restart your Mac to switch between...
  13. DaveJaksha

    How are you uploading photos here

    Actually, gimp runs on the Mac also. Dave
  14. DaveJaksha

    How are you uploading photos here

    If you have a Mac, you can use the editor in the built in Photo app. Another option is Piximator. Does most everything photoshop can do, but only cost about $35. Also available for the iPhone. Dave
  15. DaveJaksha

    How are you uploading photos here

    On an iPhone or iPad you can mail yourself a copy of the photo. When you do that, before you click send there will be a indication of the size of the image to be sent. Click the size, and you will be given the option to select other size pictures. Send and then copy the image to your photo...
  16. DaveJaksha

    Ferry a Vortex M912 from Washington State to North Carolina

    When I purchased my Vortex, I had it shipped from Illinois to Arizona. Contacted a place called on the web. Here various shippers will bid on your cargo. I seem to remember the cost as around $1000. The guy did a amazing job. The Gyro was in an inclosed truck with air ride...
  17. DaveJaksha

    HI, Tony. I am using a Rotax “C” box for the redrive. What engine are you using...

    HI, Tony. I am using a Rotax “C” box for the redrive. What engine are you using? There is some important differences between the 3 and 4 cyl Yamaha. I am using the 3 cyl 130 hp FI Yamaha manufactured in 2010. Dave
  18. DaveJaksha

    Muffler help

    Hey, guys. I am thinking about mufflers for my Yamaha genesis 3 cyl project. After looking around at other projects, I was thinking the solution shown in the picture below would be a nice clean installation. This is the muffler used on the Tangogyro. I talked to the guys at Tango, but they...
  19. DaveJaksha

    N395SC, Sport Copter Vortex, Incident

    Me too, Paul...I have been sitting here witth the screen open..waiting waiting....Having food brought in ( thank god for pizza) and my depends....fill us in on what happened...I won’t tell a soul. Dave
  20. DaveJaksha

    Dominator for sale. Parts

    Sorry to be off topic, but I noticed that your post was from Tapatalk on your iPhone. I have not been able to get TapaTalk to work with the new forum. How did you do it? What search term did you use to find the rotaryforum? Thanks, Dave