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  1. hillberg

    womans fitness

    TRUMP DID IT! Trump got more women to walk in one day then Obamas women fitness program did with eight years.
  2. hillberg

    Live stream spam

    W h a t s' t h i s s h i t ? IT'S WORSE THAN PUTTING UP WITH MY STUFF
  3. hillberg

    Never post a price!

    Seems the tax assessor will look up a 'price' as listed on the internet for XYZ type of flying machine and try to collect on that taxable value even if it's for an out of production not new machine or one that never sold for said price. Heck - even if you build it your self for 10x less and it...
  4. hillberg

    Immagrants? Invaders!

    How's the war? Looks like Europe lost without firing a shot. . . .:boink: Don't lose your heads for your lack of leadership.:violin: If you think this is a political post YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. Thank you.
  5. hillberg

    Ray Proudy passed on

    Mr . Helicopter engineer died of old age . Late September,Rest In peace.
  6. hillberg

    Memory lane.

    Has it been this long?:argue: Rotormouse 1990s 1995 Turbine Exec with Dave Domanski:flame: 1995 Wind Star project with Lenny Koozmal 1997 Two placer started 2004? 1st Jet Exec with manual override FCU 2009 back gets messed up everything on hold:rip::violin:
  7. hillberg

    FCU for Artouste engine

    Llama or Aluette III, core fuel control # 654-2540#968:painkiller: 06464760 Regulator De Vitesse:boink: pispostif De Demarrage 07438500:wacko: monocontactor 047635.50910:blabla: Pompe Carborant 06454537:sad:
  8. hillberg

    R-44 med deck-comments please.

    Med deck-1 pilot 1 Doctor &1 busted up pax,:wacko:
  9. hillberg

    Caught me a Bsterd Lying MD

    The MD Billed his lawyer friends $14000 for a IME report on my back.:spy: His Exam took only 14 min. and he said I only have a sprained back. Nothing on the nerve damage & other stuff that's been screwed up for over 2 years.:bored: What's next?
  10. hillberg

    Harold Jenkens passed on .R.I.P.

    Those who had a Brantly knew him :rip:well
  11. hillberg

    What the heck?

    Saw a Leza Aircam on floats splash down (crash) off the coast of a south American country :eek:,He was giving tours for pay in an experimental, :censored:What gives?:der:
  12. hillberg

    TSA messed with Santa!

    They grabbed his sack, Broke the toys,& Maced his eyes,:twitch: With the TSA it's no suprize . Then thay Roughed up Ol Rudolph & the Raindeer guys.:eek: The sled was impounded ,(No markings thay clame) When the FAA got wind of this, Thay pined on the blame,A background check,No medical...
  13. hillberg

    Biejing AOPA pvt helicopter fly in a BUST

    The Government said public Hazards was the reason to call off the fly in portion of AOPA meet-:boink:(Police Helicopter accident) Typical over reaction.
  14. hillberg

    My wifes hobby

    and want to be business.
  15. hillberg

    NTSB findings in Safrai fatal accident in AZ

    The spindle of the hub failed with 180 odd hours on the logbook, I have beleif the change from a gimlbed design to underslung simi ridged could of added to the inplane stress (lead lag) and acellerated fatigue failure. What is the time average in the fleet with this new designed rotor system?
  16. hillberg

    Is it sumthin I said?

    Sent out a batch of Resumes' and hade a few answers:boink:, But one struck me as strange-The HR Dept said in an e-mail :wacko:" I don't think you will like this job" :sorry:I know I'm an "A" hole most of the time.:painkiller: But W.T.F. over.:boom:
  17. hillberg

    Look at these guys

    Havent seen this type of stuff for a ling
  18. hillberg

    Name the Helicopters

    Name the Helicopters
  19. hillberg

    New Helicopter auto pilot!

    :violin:A Hiller with a true pilot!:rip:
  20. hillberg

    Rotor blades (Clone Rotorway)

    :typing:$2500 per set, New, :twitch:Was for a Tandem rotor project (McCulich MC-4) :der:comes with tip caps/blocks Root blocks and doublers,:director: Call Reed for specifics,(670) 745-4900 weekdays 900 to 1500 hrs, :yo:Oh Free shipping in Contenental U.S.:lol: From San Diego Ca. Get them before...